Monday, August 20, 2012

Setting Up Shop

I never seem to get rid of all the excess stuff around here so once again I'll market it online.

Must be a glutton for punishment as it took me forever to do a few simple steps on Etsy before giving myself a coffee break.

Much of what I have available is antique of good quality. Have no idea if any will sell but it's worth a try.

Besides needing to raise some cash to pay make our balloon payment in three months, I see no point in holding on to things that aren't being used.

Now, if my memory would be razor sharp and my energy like that of a Jack Rabbit, I might actually get the shop open!

It's time to find a new home for the following:

Flying Geese antique twin size quilt, Griswold cast iron waffle maker, yelloware water cooler, crocheted popcorn stitch twin bedspread, 1943 and 1953 National Geographics, crockery bowls, a few paintings, antique dishes, jewelry and a few pieces of slag copper from Lake Superior.

Gosh, I'm tired. Maybe I need a nap!


Sixbears said...

Let your loyal followers know how to find your stuff. Looks like some treasures there.

treesong said...

Thanks Sixbears,

Spent a couple hours digging out stuff, taking measurements, etc. Have photos of most items. I'll be linking to my FB page and elsewhere in time. Just can't seem to get any pep!