Tuesday, August 7, 2012


After paying OFF a few bills and making our usual monthly utility & mortgage payments, filling the gas tank and buying Kitty Kitty her meals, that's the balance in the check book. Until next month.

Most people would be in a panic, wondering how they'd "make it" another 24-25 days. Not us.

We're well stocked in food, personal hygiene and medical supplies. We're used to living well below the poverty line and most importantly, we're accustomed to staying home.

The price of gas has risen by 58 cents a gallon here in 16 days. It doesn't affect us until we fill up next month because we're not out running around just to be "out and about."

Living on a limited income RESPONSIBLY requires making prudent choices and sticking to them, no matter what shiny bauble tries to seduce you.

Some people never seem to understand that concept and suffer accordingly. Such is the case of an online acquaintance who's mumbling about "not knowing what to do" because two bills are due and she has no money. Being the disgusted, plain speaking woman I can often be, I asked her how much she contributed to the casino this month and was she still having her acrylic nails done.

"Of course I have my nails done!" She yiped. "And my hair cut at a salon. I don't dare hack it off like you do!"

Well, people keep complimenting my "hack" job, so I guess I'm not doing too bad in the hair department!

As for my nails, a reliable pair of clippers and an emery board get regular use.

My point to Ms. Prima Donna is that simple choices make a huge difference in one's quality of life - if financial responsibility and harmony in your home are your goals.

Yep, we love, love, love one another and our $100.12 balance! Heck, last month it was $86.17!

Of course, we have cash stashed here and there but that's like hiding candy away and discovering it years later - well preserved but still useful.


Sixbears said...

Been there, and worse. In fact, it was pretty common to go 2 weeks on $25. We are doing better now, but only live a bit better as we were still living pretty good then. However, debt is getting paid down a whole lot faster.

treesong said...

It's that old noose "debt" that is most people's problems. We'll breathe easier when this place is paid for in December. Meanwhile, we need $3500 to make that happen - in addition to our monthly payment!

All one can do is their best and trust that the rest will fall into place.

Anonymous said...

You're beautiful and your hair looks GREAT!

Mamma Bear said...

I like your "hack" job you do on your hair....LOL. I bought one of those Robo cuts from ebay one year and use that on mine most of the time. I splurge a couple of times a year and go to a salon. Heck...the goats don't care what my hair looks like.

I am in my 50's and have never had a manicure or pedicure. The kids gave me a certificate for each on Mothers Day. It is still here on my desk. I may use it this winter. I can't even imagine having a manicure or pedicure during gardening and milking season. My clippers and nail file work just fine too.

We are slowly whittling our bills down. Paid off the house a couple of months ago. Food storage is really good. Only spent a little over $100.00 this past month on groceries and if push had come to shove I could have done without those items. I just wish I had known what to do about 20 years ago...!!!!!

debbieo said...

I too like your hack job. I also find it interesting the choices many make who complain they are broke.

treesong said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.
IMHO, there's so much more that matters in this world than going to the casino, the salon or the manicurist. Part of the reason we're in such a mess is too many wanting too much for little effort other than a credit card. Delayed gratification is too old fashioned. When the financial house of cards collapses, we'll see people killing for fake nails, TVs and other things that do nothing to sustain life. Well, enough rants for today!

debbieo said...

I always see lists of things people say to stock up on for barter, but it never occured to me to include, nail polish, fake nails, hair color, and so on. Maybe some tv's, vcr's and other electronics. It might keep them away from the food and other actual needed supplies. hummmm

HermitJim said...

I like your hair just fine! As far as your spending habits go, you are as wise as anyone I know.

Hope the blessings just keep on coming for ya, my friend!

AginKajun said...

Some women need all the help they can get to look beautiful because inside they are ugly. Most of the "beautiful" women I meet from time to time are "ugly" inside. Their treatment of others especially waiters and waitresses gives them away. My daughter is a subway employee she can testify about it.

You on the other hand look quite lovely because your beauty comes from the inside.

treesong said...

Again, thanks for the comments.
I stopped using makeup a couple years ago and haven't died my hair in 16 months. Never have wore nail polish or whitened my teeth.

At that age where the extraneous props don't matter and my inner self is in better shape than its ever been.

Happiness isn't in a bottle, tube or mirror anyway.