Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Happy Mower and a Dead Boat Battery!

We moved here April 2nd this year to a yard that looked pretty dead. Since then everything's turned green due to torrential rains and overgrown everything in sight.

We sold our mower in Michigan and let the grass get pretty high before hiring the job done for $30. Thereafter, a neighbor mowed four times for $20.

Eventually, I knew George would buy a used mower despite my desire to get an old fashioned rotary push mower. No gas, no fumes, no moise. But, he's the mechanical type. Gotta have something to fiddle with even though he can barely moves off the porch.

So, low and behold, he's across the street at another neighbor's yesterday, helping him with his brother's mower.

An hour later a Craftsman 42" cut mower is sitting in our yard courtesy of the neighbor and $300.

As usual, whenever you add something to your life, it requires upkeep and storage. It was my job today to make room in the shed for the mower. When George recovers from mowing the grass, it's his job to make a ramp for the shed so we can get the mower inside.

Thus far our expense besides the price tag is a few gallons of gas, a new battery and a new belt. The ramp will be built out of scrap wood.

Then we decide to take the pontoon out. Never left the yard because "somehow" the knob that turns the batter off was turned on and the motor tilt came up - due to a short in the switch - and further drained the battery.

I get a little frustrated with things like this. I'm the "check and double check" person in this household while George has become more carefree - to the point of NOT checking things.

There have been a few instances of this since we arrived here and it always costs money!

The neighbor came over to see how George likes his "new mower" and, when he heard about the boat, said, "George, I thought your sweetheart was the one losing her memory. I don't say this often, but you ought to listen to her more often."

Thank you neighbor!

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