Friday, September 23, 2011

Doing the Two-step Forward, One-step Backward

We don't dance anymore but we do the two step by repairing/remodeling this place - otherwise known as Two-steps forward, One-step backward. Reminds me of a waltz while drunk.

Today, Sweetie replaced the bay window in our spare bedroom. This weekend we remove the 34 year old carpet and next week, if I have energy, I paint it. If I don't have energy I say to heck with the paint and set up my studio.

Sweetie said no excuses. I said, "I'll probably get sloppy standing at the easel and spatter paint on the walls as well as the floors." He didn't buy my excuse.

Oh well, one way or another, I'm closer to having a studio and it thrills me no end. Won't have to tolerate his cigarettes or cleaning up to make supper.

For inspiration, today I got three necklace orders while on Facebook. The extra cash will come in handy as next month we're officially disqualified for food stamps.

Then, while sorting jewelry supplies on the kitchen counter, Sweetie walks in the room to show me his wet socks!

He walked into the second bathroom and got wet feet. Last month we replaced the toilet so he thought it was leaking. Not so. After removing the toilet & stuffing a sweatshirt in the hole, he peeled the vinyl floor back. The water line beneath the floor has been leaking and found the path of least resistance - a crack in the linoleum. Further investigation revealed a wet underlayment. More work!

On another front, the new fiscal year brings with deep cuts in the Human Services Department. Assets such as vehicles, bank accounts, recreational vehicles, insurance policies and property (other than the one you occupy) can't amount to more than $5,000 when applying for food stamps. Prior to this fiscal year, assets were not counted for food stamps - according to my case worker. For the last four months we've received $229 a month for two people & used it to build our stock. Now we'll live off if again.

The cuts were bound to happen but a lot of people are in for a shock. I mentioned this to my caseworker and she said, "Food pantries and charities will have to pick up the slack."

I doubt that. Three local pantries that I've contributed to since moving here have limited distributions. One pantry will likely close.

Interesting times are ahead.

Meanwhile, we'll live pretty much the same and hope we receive our monthly land contract payment. If not, times will get downright scary trying to live on $557 a month!

As always, time will tell.


Sixbears said...

Good photos of some nice pieces!

We ate down part of our food storage. Slowly adding to the pile again.

Congratulations on getting a place to work. I love my "office." It's nice to be able to shut the door and have space to myself.

HossBoss said...

Yup, those are about the only two dances I know ...the country Two Step and the Two-Steps-Forward, One-Step-Back. And the Cotton Eyed Joe, of course!

I bet you are excited about having your own space to do your crafts and painting. I used to love to paint walls but now I always dread those projects. The painting is fun's the prep and clean up that's a drag. But please go ahead and paint your walls. You DESERVE a nice studio paint those walls!

: )

kymber said...

your pieces are beautiful! and i am with HB - get the walls painted and make yourself a nice studio!

Anonymous said...

Paint before you take the carpet up and you won't have to worry about the floors. B.

treesong said...

Thanks all for your comments.
Forgot to mention that beneath all carpet in this home is either plywood or MDF board. I have two area rugs to lay on a bare floor but have considered just painting the floor in the studio.
Have a great weekend!

HermitJim said...

You're right about the interesting times ahead! It's not going to be pretty for so many folks!

Hang in there and I'm glad you are getting your own work space!