Friday, September 16, 2011

Companionship & Creativity

Sweetie was 68 Wednesday. We celebrated with a Sweet Potato pie brought by my friend visiting from Flint. We spent the rest of the day talking about various issues, people we know and goals/dreams we have and munching on veggies and dip. Very relaxing.

That evening she and I went to a fused glass class that's relaxing and affordable. With the cost beginning at $5 for a sun catcher or $12 for as many jewelry pieces you fit on a 4x4 inch tile; to $45 for a 12 inch bowl, there's opportunity for all. At my previous visit I fit 7 pieces on a tile. Combined with the beads and jewelry findings I already have, I'll create one pair of earrings, two pins and four necklaces. If I sell all of them, I expect to make $125 in profit. Fine by me!

Thursday my friend read the first two chapters of her book to our weekly writing group and we critiqued it. Today the three of us are sitting in our pajamas with our computers and coffee just enjoying the day.

Tomorrow we go to a fall festival/art show held in a beautiful park along a river. Neither Sweetie or my friend have ever seen the place which has a covered bridge and beautiful trails along the river. I'll take lots of photos to capture the memory and perhaps one day do an oil painting of the river.

Then, surprise, surprise, Wednesday evening we sat here talking about inland lakes, old camps and bonfires. Sweetie, the man who's so intent on moving to Florida, says: "If we found an old camp on a river or lake, I'd be there in a heartbeat,"


A few minutes later my friend says: "I have friends who moved up near Oscoda and wish they'd done it years ago. Her remark reminded me of Presque Isle, north of Alpena. My father was career Coast Guard and we lived on Middle Island when I was born, then moved to the Presque Isle station when I was three. Grand Lake and Long Lake are in this area and I told them of my visit there the year before my mother died in 1997. Her parents had both owned property on Grand Lake which covers 5,662 acres and has 19 islands. To make a long story short, we were all online looking at waterfront properties and I found the cabin my maternal grandmother used to own as well as the acreage grandpa had. The more I talked about the area & the more Sweetie looked at maps, fishing reports, events (think wooden boat show) and nature preserves, the more interested he got. The upshot is, next month we're taking a color tour to where my life began!

Waterfront property in Michigan's Lower Peninsula is less expensive on the east side the further north you go. Forget the west side. It's over developed and expensive.

So, once again, time will tell. In the meantime, we're sure enjoying my friend's visit and adjusting ourselves to these cooler temps.

Take care, Treesong

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful.
Wanderlust , perhaps? B.