Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"I'm bored"

I hear that so much, especially online. Leaves me wondering how people can continue to live a "boring" life surrounded by so much.

Never, in human history, have so many people had so much. Aside from food, shelter, clothing and a few other items, most people in this world do have access to much more. Despite the financial perils of this era, most people are surrounded by plenty.

Maybe you're one who's lost your home or your job but I'd be willing to bet you still have a lot - or you're living with someone who does.

And yet, every day, people are bored. Especially the young.

I think the problem is bored people have too much stuff. They're surrounded by cell phones, televisions, computers, videos, advertisements, fast food and a sea of counterparts who haven't a clue about what to do with all their time.

They're devoid of imagination and programmed to look outside themselves for answers to any nagging question or issue.

Their behavior has degenerated to ceaseless attempts to prop up their insecurity and frustrations. These navel gazers have lost empathy and respect for their elders, the ill or handicapped. They have obvious disdain for the lowly janitor who cleans the messes they've made while being pseudo stars or VIPs. Imitating success is where it's at. Working for success is blah.

Sitting in a quiet room alone is to be avoided at all cost. Doing nothing is fine as long as they're surrounded by expensive techno toys, drugs, alcohol and other like minded kids wasting away because life isn't interesting enough.

Keeping busy, partying or mimicing the current craze is all they know. And getting old is a far off reality that few believe will ever catch up with them.

Like a young, drunk man told us recently: "If I ever get like you people I'll shoot myself."

More likely, one of his "home boys" will shoot him. It's happened several times this year. Yet, while they claim to grieve their friends, they continue the behaviors that helped bring them to that point.

A friend said we shouldn't expect anything different. They've been raised by people who bury their troubles in drugs and booze and had little time for their children.

Each generation has its "misfits" but today that designation seems to fit more people. Is it any wonder?


Sixbears said...

One summer my kids told me they were bored. I was in the middle of digging up my septic system. Since they were "bored" I gave them all shovels and had them help me. Two days of that and they never complained about being bored ever again.

Anonymous said...

Good one Sixbears...and it didn't hurt them one bit either. Do they remember that?
Amen Treesong. Too much stuff equals mind numbing activity.
We may need to get back to basics. B.