Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome to My World

We didn't pull the carpet up in the study/studio or paint the walls. Decided to heck with more work.

It's time to write, paint, make jewelry, read, sleep or tinker. And I've done a lot of each since last Monday.

So nice to grab my cup of morning coffee and stroll into my own space. Because I have beautiful items I couldn't bare to part with, I placed some in my study/studio. Others are still packed in plastic storage containers stacked where the built in book shelves will eventually be.

Another source of inspiration this week was an author's visit to our writing group. She was once our realtor in Kalkaska and what a joy to see someone doing what they really love. Her visit inspired me to devote a minimum of an hour a day to my novel.

Low and behold, I read what I've written thus far and thought: ummmm, not that interested in this piece anymore. Later, while loading the dishwasher, the first few lines of another story came to mind. No matter what, I couldn't shake the lines and started saying them out loud. Thankfully, Sweetie had his headset on or he may have called 911 my words were so gruesome. Best thing to do in that case is write.

Four thousand words later and the passion to keep writing remains.

While doing online research for the novel, I realized I've had two men in my life who can answer just about any reference/technical question I have - my father and Sweetie.

Here's a few pictures of the study/studio (including a window that needs replacing) and two necklaces I made this week. Earrings will be made another time.


kymber said...

your pieces are beautiful and so is the study/studio! it is so nice to have a place of our own. keep working on the book. an hour a day seems reasonable and do-able. and let us know when it is finished. or share it here for a bunch of us to help with editing.

and then get it published!

MEB said...

I am ready to read your book when you finish it. Right now I am reading THE SEVEN STORY MOUNTAIN by Tomas Merton. You, as a former Kentuckian, know that he spent his religious life in KY. I too, love your pictures. MEB

Anonymous said...

Looks real homey and comfortable. Great to have a space of your own to be able to concentrate uninterrupted while working. B.