Saturday, September 17, 2011

Art Infused Our Day

My friend and I spent five hours at an art fair today and still saw only two-thirds of the exhibits. Of course, we're going back tomorrow!

The covered bridge is part of the park where the art show is held. Music, food booths, 100 artist booths and artist demonstrations inside a historical building attract people from throughout the state as well as elsewhere. The weather was perfect. We'd packed spinach quiche and bottled water and savored our meal listening to bluegrass. People's dress was interesting and a reflection of the event. My favorite was an exhibitor who wore a black ankle length skirt that featured lace panels scattered over each 12-inch band. She topped it off with a sunflower sweater over a yellow tube top and earrings made of acorns. Her feet were covered in rubber pointed-toe cowboy boots that were hand painted! She said they wore well and were comfortable despite their three inch heel.

I want those boots!

The art show re-energized and inspired us to the point that we've both been writing in our leather bound journals. I had not touched mine in four years!

We were so excited to tell Sweetie about our afternoon that we squeezed in the door together both talking at once.

Thankfully, we noticed he had replaced two of the three windows in our guest room bay window! Once our guest leaves I'll empty the room, pull up the carpet and repaint the walls.

I came home wanting to de-clutter, move things around and re-purpose some other items. One theme emerged as I visited each booth: earthy colors and sturdy, natural materials. If an item utilized slate, granite, inlay wood, twigs, clay, wire or leather or recycled things I was mesmerized.

The fish pottery was my favorite piece at one booth. The fused glass tile I made Wednesday night. Anyone have a small kiln they want to give or sell? I'm hooked on fused glass.

Meanwhile enjoy the pictures. Treesong


Sixbears said...

Art is good for the soul. We need time to see it and make it.

Glad you had a good one!

HermitJim said...

Sounds like you had a good time! Good to get out and about once in a while!

I like that glass!