Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Oxygenated Life

Today Sweetie qualified for oxygen part time. The medical supply people should arrive tomorrow once they receive the order from his doctor.

He's been instructed to walk/exercise while on oxygen because it increases his stamina which decreases his need for oxygen.

I'm hoping he follows this advice because his current quality of life sucks, to put it bluntly. I've become the full time caretaker the last couple days: helping him dress/undress, putting his sock/shoes on so he doesn't have to bend over; driving, lifting, carrying, and taking all phone calls because he's out of breath after a few words.

We have friends staying with us this weekend from Flint - the hell hole they hope to move out of soon. Both are on disability and, like me, she's the caretaker of her husband who has all the same ailments as Sweetie. Ought to be interesting as we tour the area, attend a classic car show, picnic and sit and gab while the guys get to know one another. She and I haven't seen one another in about 10 years so we have lots of catching up to do.

The peonies are in bloom along our south side and I've yet to plant the sage and basil plants a new friend gave me. Maybe my visiting girlfriend will enjoy getting her hands dirty this weekend. In her old neighborhood 10 years ago, she was known for her green thumb, having turned a gravel strewn lot into a lucious jungle of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Well, time to take Lady outside. Enjoy your weekend, Treesong

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Anonymous said...

Goodness...I hope the oxygen helps him feel well enought to at least take care of himself. B.