Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're Still Here

Just busy with the regular round of doctor appointments, running errands and working on the siding.

Have a booth at a festival this weekend & have no idea what to expect. The space was free and it will give me a little exposure but I haven't set my sights on making lots of money.

I may have Sweetie convinced to come out of hibernation and take the golf cart to the event so he can putz around; look at the river and maybe recognize a few people.

Tomorrow we'll finish the south side of our exterior renovation. It's been a long process but together we've got it done. Three more sides to go...

High winds and rain here today and tomorrow followed by cooler temps. We welcome a break from the stifling humidity. It's hell on Sweetie's breathing, even with oxygen. the pepper plants have little baby peppers and the tomato plants are about a week behind. I have 12 basil plants to separate and two Russian sage plants to transplant. That's the extent of this year's gardening.

We've lived so long on our preps that we've developed deep holes which need to be replenished soon. When I get the energy.

Will post pictures this weekend. Take care, Treesong

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Sixbears said...

Good luck with your booth. Glad to see you and yours are still hanging in there.