Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Replenishing Mind, Body & Soul

Sometimes we get so wound up in issues, dramas, diversions, work loads, illnesses, or just plain senseless chatter that we eventually burn out.

I've come close these last couple weeks. Between caring for my elderly friend's needs; a constant round of doctor appointments; organizing the art exhibit; a couple meetings every week and the daily chores of maintaining a home I sat here the other night and realized: I need a break.

Tomorrow is ME time. Yes, I have to pick up some things for my friend. Yes, I have to make a stop at the hardware store, the grocery, the pharmacy and the bank. but I will also savor a lunch with a friend; visit an art gallery and resale shop and take a walk in a park - rain or not. I already have the binoculars, rain gear and umbrella in the car.

Keeping oneself balanced is a daily challenge. And, when you neglect it for too long, there is a price to pay.

A hot cup of herbal tea; a foot soak & pedicure and an afternoon nap on a rainy day helped. but a few hours outside soaking in fresh air and sunshine after a leisurely lunch and artistic entertainment are the best medicine.


SHARON said...

You take care of yourself, girl. I know what you're going through. But, like you said, you also need some 'me time'.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, the great outdoors soothes the savage beast inside us all. Me time ....we all need it.....just forget to take it sometimes. You have me thinking....that it is about time for me to have some 'me time'. Thanks for the reminder.
We all know we can't be of any help to others if we aren't feeling well ourselves...mentally , at least.B.