Saturday, May 28, 2011

Appointment Overload

We've had appointments 3-4 days a week since I last posted. Between Sweetie's dermatology appointments and surgeries and his medical tests it seems we never stop sitting in waiting rooms. Now the bills are arriving too. Same old story: just as we get ahead and have a cushion there's another "due by" envelope in the mail.

In the midst of it all the rain comes and goes. The lawn dries out long enough to be mowed once a week. The flowers along our south side are nearly all in bloom as are the four lilac bushes and azelea tree.

A path has been cleared in our pole barn where all of Sweetie's John Deere equipment once stood: two riding mowers, rototiller, snow blower, cab and assorted parts. It was great to see a 4x4 truck pulling a trailer pull in the yard and haul it away.

We've spread the word about the rest of Sweetie's collection. A few more lookers and phone calls since and some of it will be gone next week.

Due to his declining health, Sweetie has decided to let go of nearly everything. A man on oxygen with limited mobility and stamina has no use for most of what he owns. He bought a riding mower with a few attachments with some of his proceeds. It's a good decision because I can operate all of it easily.

Our next art exhibit is being publicized now so I've been busy finishing some landscape quilts that have sat for six years. Meanwhile I taught myself how to crochet granny squares and will use left over yarn scraps to make an afghan.

We've invited my elderly woman friend over for a Memorial Day cookout. She's bringing the deviled eggs; we're supplying the rest. Her family is preoccupied as usual.

Well, time to fix supper. Have a great weekend everyone.


Sixbears said...

Have a great holiday weekend! I wish you and yours all the best.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your holiday and friends. Getting old sucks...but it beats the alternative.
Good luck and good news on all the appointments :) B.