Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sales, Projects and Adjustments

I listed out boat on Craigslist Friday night. Last night someone called about it and will stop by to see it today. Would love to see someone else make use of it as it has become a storage spot for fence posts and a house for stray cats. Sweetie will never again take it out on the water as it's a deep lake boat and we're surrounded by rivers.
Of course, he has his eye on a 14' metal flat bottom boat.

I've removed the sod from 30 square feet of ground along the south side of our home and double dug the area. Have another 30 square feet to go so I can plant peppers, onions and tomatoes. The physical exercise has about sidelined me but if it takes me a week, so be it.

Flooding between the twin communities we live next to has covered an island, several corn fields and may have gone over the road today. We're up hill from the location but haven't escaped the moisture. A pond has developed between our home and the neighbors to the south and the corn field to the north trapped a deer for half an hour before it broke through the muck and retreated back toward the wooded rise where two companions waited.

Meanwhile, we're entertained by ducks on the "pond" that intersects our five acres. The elderly neighbor said he's never seen the "wet spot" flood for so long or cover so much area in all his 45 years here. No wonder the local weather man says April 2011 is the wettest on record.

Tomorrow we drive to Lansing for another dermatology appointment and a little shopping - and a reminder of how people crowd themselves into small patches of land amidst a landscape of neon signs, drive through menu lanes and five land roads. A supposed land of plenty with every imaginable opportunity to part yourself from your money - while people stand on street corners with signs offering to work for food.

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