Tuesday, May 3, 2011

City Views

Nothing like a trip to the city (Lansing, MI) to re-affirm our appreciation of the country and our nearby small town.

Instead of taking the expressway, we took a leisurely drive down Grand River Avenue. Along the way we admired gardens, a few fishing boats, a windmill for sale and the slower speed limit. Why drive 70-75 when 50-55 got us there in time and saved a little gas ($4.29/Gal)?

We were so early for Sweetie's dermatology appointment that we stopped in at Goodwill first. Huge selection of nearly everything but I bought two items - both for resale at my booth in a local gift store. My little 99 cent purchases have been selling for 4-6 times what I paid so no complaints here.

Today I'll be at the local library accepting submissions for our art exhibit. The response hasn't been what I would have liked so we'll display at three local businesses instead of five. I've learned there's lots of truth to the adage around here: "People are slow to warm up to change but quick to take bets on when you'll fail."

But, 6-8 people have stuck with the program and broadened their horizons so it's worth it to me. A few stragglers come and go and are welcomed and encouraged when they show up. When I announced I was taking time off due to health issues and a remodeling project the stragglers were the ones asking when we'd meet again. Last night, the mother of one of them called to ask if we would "ever meet again" because her daughter really needed it. Just goes to show you never know the true impact of things until its existence is threatened.

Going to be a busy day so I'd best get started. Treesong

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Anonymous said...

The youth can really use some alternatives to what they do now. The arts are needed. You have done well , so keep up the good work. Even one person helped is one more than the none that were helped before.....she could go on to be a world famous artist someday. B.