Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Interesting, Varied Day Here

We've had the motor home up for sale and today we were flooded with calls about it. Had lowered the price the evening before and here we sit, a few dollars in our pockets and space in the driveway. The couple who bought it are homeless. Will live in it in a campground owned by his folks. Come winter I don't know what their plans are.

The doctor called today with my ultrasound results. Have a huge stone caught in my bile duct. Has caused inflamation of my liver and intestine. Meet with the surgeon next week unless he has an opening for a consult earlier.

We're under a tornado watch. Sirens have been going off for an hour, with hail to the north of us. The northern skies darken and the tree tops swirl. Then dead silence. Then it begins again. I'm not bothered by it much because what can I do? Crawl in a ditch? Hide in a shower? The school is supposed to be a shelter but a neighbor called and said the place is locked up solid. I figure if it's my time, so be it.

I do get a bit spooked when darkness falls. But, again, nothing we can do but wait it out.

I see Donald Trump's not happy about Charles Krauthammer comparing Trump to Al Sharpton. What's the problem? Their both showmen. Ones' just richer than the other. And both have silly hair.

Take care everyone. Treesong.


Sixbears said...

Hope you keep safe. Looks like they have a handle on your health issue. Good luck with that.

Congratulations on selling the RV. Probably work out good for everyone involved.

SHARON said...

I have a hard time taking a man (like 'The Donald') serious when he can't comb his hair properly. Friends say, "Yeh, but he's a wealthy business man, and he could change things and get this country rollin'."
Yes, he IS wealthy, but he probably has good people working for him, if he wins the office...he'll have CONgress.

Anonymous said...

I bet ol' Al has plenty of dough....he just doesn't throw it around like 'the donald'. B.
Glad you have worked out a plan on the health front. Great you sold the mobile home. :)