Monday, April 11, 2011

Remodeling Lessons

After owning/remodeling eight homes, there are lessons I should have learned by now. My excuse is, hope springs eternal and I have a short memory!

A couple weeks ago we bought five more windows, the largest being 5' wide by 4' high. It took us two days to install and now we actually sit at our kitchen table and enjoy the view! That's progress - which also brings adjustments!

My visions of herb filled pots sitting on the windowsill hasn't materialized and Kitty Kitty protects the area as though she had kittens stashed nearby. Of the few objects I have on the windowsill, at least one is knocked over every morning.

We ran out of steam before finishing the interior wall but our dinner guests yesterday didn't mind and neither does Kitty Kitty.

As the photos show, the old small window gave little light, was in the wrong location thanks to our earlier remodeling, and blocked our view of the yard.

The lesson revisited from this experience is: every remodeling project reveals new challenges or requirements. Now we need either an awning, a roof over the deck or room darkening blinds. Temps broke a 71 year record here yesterday and were it not for the wind, we would have been cooked!

Oh well, we're still making progress!


Anonymous said...

Progress is good.
Like being outside .... inside. Kitty Kitty is probably leaping at birds she sees as prey outside the window. 'BIRD TV' ...yes ..we have that here entertainment. B.

SHARON said...

It looks to me that Kitty Kitty is saying, "Hey mom, thanks for the nice big window!"

HermitJim said...

Any progress is a good thing! I think you're doing just fine, and I'm glad you now have a nice viewing window place!

Now, if you can only work out something with the kitty!

treesong said...

Miss Kitty Kitty has developed an obsession with being wherever I am. I sit in my wing chair, she sits on the ottoman and looks miffed if I nudge her to one side so I can put my feet up. I curl up on the sofa, she curls up on my hip or sits on the sofa back. I lay down for a nap, she does too. When she followed me into the bathroom I shut the door! She meowed her poor heart out while I ignored her. She fell asleep on the ottoman, I lifed her to to computer chair. So far she's still sleeping there. I learned yesterday not to pre-set the table. Had to remove our plates & blow cat hair off into the garbage. Sweetie just pointed out that the new blinds I bought today will interfere with my windowsill decor. Seems every move I make I'm done in by a cat!

2 Tramps said...

Hope and a short memory sounds like a very good combination for these tough days!