Sunday, April 3, 2011

The View From Here

At times I'm so disgusted with waste, ignorance, neglect and apathy that I want to scream from the mountain tops: "Wake Up! Wake Up! Look around you; inside you; beside you! Question. Contemplate. Dare to explore. For your sake; for every one's sake. Wake Up."

As if knocked over by a whisper, I'm reminded the majority of our world is led by the same action. Only the words are different.

Charlatans with quick solutions designed to coddle a captive audience and maintain the status quo provide all manner of options to attain their example of "the good life."

In reality their philosophy perpetuates waste, fraud, duplicity, poverty, ignorance and the wealth of a few at the expense of many.

The status quo's example is easily followed due to its prominence in every aspect of our lives. Access to its promises appears easily duplicated and its constant infusion of pseudo variety and options holds our attention.

Multi-media displays, flashy pronouncements and conspicuous consumption capture an audience dependent on increasing doses of the same.

Meanwhile, alternative lifestyles are demonized by the majority. Weirdo, survivalist, terrorist, outcast, reject, loner and other descriptions serve to repel inquiring minds while insuring the mainstream survival.

Those who've woke up enough to realize their lives are empty, their aspirations futile and their lives aren't truly their own, risk everything by changing. Therein lies the greatest threat.

Dare to abstain and you're denigrated, ignored, abandoned, excluded, ostracized.

Rejection from your peers is painful but so is ignoring your awakened conscience.

Personally, I think the status quo is so well ingrained in most of the world that there's little point in actively fighting it.

The better path is to step off the treadmill, create your own life - which you are wholly capable of - and influence people by your example.

On the rare occasion someone asks "how" or "why" of our lifestyle and principles, I provide simple, clear responses. Provide too many details and their eyes eventually glaze over. A calm, contented countenance eventually gets noticed. Those who've grown weary of incessant noise, distraction and racing on a treadmill to oblivion will find their way to your door.

When someone "gets it" my hope in humanity is rekindled.

Along this same vein, here are a few ways we "live" a rich, rewarding life.

1. Give of your time, talent and resources. It does come back to you.

2. Lead by example.

3. Accept others where they are instead of overtly trying to change or convert them.

4. Buying something new is seldom the solution to anything.

5. An abundance of most things complicates life.

6. Reuse, recycle and re-purpose your resources.

7. Learn new skills.

8. Vary routines and you'll discover what you've been missing.

9. Laugh and love every day.

10. Smile at strangers and enemies. All of you will be changed by this.

My tip for the day is...

Wash your hair in diluted baking soda. It's effective, allergy free and inexpensive.


HermitJim said...

Nice...very nice! Makes perfect sense to me and I think it's some very good advice as well!

Thank you for the pep talk and reminder!

Anonymous said...

Recently ran across your blog and spent a few nights going through your posts. Was starting to worry there hadn't been anything. Apparently I'm hooked on your blog. :)