Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Week Later

Yesterday we took a friend and her husband out for Chinese to celebrate her birthday. I was our first trip out the door since Jan. 12.

It's been a week of organizing, cleaning drawers, purging paper files and sewing. Along the way I found my quart jar of taco seasoning!!! After tearing through boxes and asking myself if I only imagined that I had such a jar, I found it - sitting behind a 2-quart jar next to my other spices!!!

As I am the household "secretary" I purged paper files and found paperwork that a certain man insisted I had thrown away. This is what generally happens when he sticks his nose in the files. Enough said.

Our local library is having a Valentine's Day sale so I gathered all my pink-ish fabric scraps for the quilted hearts I'm known for making.

The process has been a pleasant break from the usual routine but I had to move the project into the kitchen. While gathering fabric and organizing the spare bedroom I discovered the ceiling leaks!!! An hour later, after moving boxes and covering some things in plastic I shut the door, turned around to walk into the laundry room and tripped right into the bathtub!

Again, a certain man was there to help me out and I calmly said, "Do you think maybe you could put screws in that register now?"

Procrastination does have its downsides - like bruised arms and knees and a pissed off companion.

But, being female, I knew there would be an upside to the situation. He went through each room, checking the other floor registers and then said, "Why don't you take it easy for awhile? You're always working."

I took him up on his advice and have not poured a cup of coffee for myself, made a bed, nor cooked a meal in three days. Thank God for leftovers and a microwave!

Tomorrow is writing group. It will be therapeutic to see other faces, breathe fresh air, and have a few laughs. I've decided to write about cabin fever. Wonder where I got that bit of inspiration from.


Anonymous said...

Quilted pink hearts? Is it a design you'd be willing to share? They sound pretty. Thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...

Routine is good ....but too much routine isn't.
Good to get out amongst others and socialize.
Your sewing project sounds interesting here, too.
I haven't a clue as to how you came up with cabin fever as a topic to write about. :) B.

vlad said...

I have not used microwave since I read this report. Your call.