Sunday, January 23, 2011

Colder Than Ice Doesn't Stop Stupidity

Minus 10 degrees here last night and probably the same tonight. The sun warmed things up nicely by afternoon so we opened our front door and let the solar gain from the new storm door give us free heat. Neither the furnace nor the propane wall heater came on for over three hours. Will try this again as every savings helps the bottom line.
Our peaceful Sunday morning was rudely interrupted by snowmobiles using the road as their race track. For a second weekend they've zig-zagged between the old fence posts across our front yard and gone airborne over three hills within 4/10ths of a mile before spinning donuts within feet of the highway. Crazy, daredevils who have no regard for oncoming traffic or pedestrians. No wonder the neighbor told me I wouldn't be walking on this road in the winter. Their antics are illegal but the sun baked glaze on the gravel road is irresistible.

Talking to a friend later, I wondered aloud why they weren't tearing up the corn fields around here. "Because they have furrows with rocks and the road is smoother," she said. In other words, better to chance hitting a pedestrian or another snowmobile or car than a rock.

Being from the Upper Peninsula it looks silly to see snowmobiles on 6 inches of snow but then there are worse things going on. Every day on the news the violence seems to increase and I find myself thankful that I spend most of my time at home away from the craziness.

Our dear dog Lady is still with us but slowly declining. I realized today that Sweetie's been walking into our spare bathroom so I wouldn't see him cry. Lady's been his constant companions for 11 years through thick and thin and the thought of being without her haunts him. Tonight, when he had to carry Lady inside, he said it reminds him of the death of his youngest son over 18 years ago.

An hour later his sole surviving son called here. When Sweetie told him he didn't think Lady would be here much longer he said, "Get over it. She's a dog."

The phone being slammed down scared Lady, me and Kitty Kitty from our comfortable positions on the sofa. Soon the phone was flung across the room and Sweetie stomped out to the deck - coatless and swearing. Within two minutes the temperature had cooled him off enough that he came in and apologized.

"None needed," I said. "Now call your son back and tell him how much his stupid remark hurts."

He refused, of course but three hours later his son called here. I answered and his first remark was: "Is that dog dead yet?"

At first I was speechless. Rare for me but once I recovered my vocal chords I cut loose.

I told him he was a mid 40's lazy, self centered, complaining jerk who had no clue about most of what he claims to "know and understand" - his famous retort to nearly anything his father says.

I know my outburst shocked him but it's been a long time coming. Calmly and clearly I said, "Call back when you've grown up and have some empathy."

We've had a quiet, peaceful day since.


Sixbears said...

Darn. I've had to deal with the slow decline of an old dog of mine. It hurts. Hope you and yours get through this tough patch.

Keep well. Stay warm.

HermitJim said...

Sorry to hear about Lady. Even more sorry to hear about the son, as I have one almost as bad except he doesn't even call!

My heart goes out to both of you for the hurt about Lady!

Mayberry said...

Wow... Just.... Wow...

My old dog is 15, and I know she's near the end of her life. It hurts me when I see her limping from arthritis (though she actually seems to be doing better now going up and down the stairs. No stairs at the old house. Guess the old fart just needed some exercise!). If someone said something like that to me about my dog, they'd be lucky if all I did was throw a phone...

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of us are close to our pets. They are there for us every waking minute and more. The thought of them calms us. The thought of them not being there makes our hearts ache. They love us with all our faults, unconditionally.....that can't be said for most of our human family or friends. I think, most of all, we need to be loved...and if it is a pet doing is still love. Hugs to Sweetie. And good on you for setting the son straight.B.

Kyddryn said...

And a lout is just a lout.

I'm sorry about your is always a blow when one of our beloved friends is slipping from us.

Good onya for unloading on the boy. I don't care if he's in his forties, he's a boy until he ACTS like a man. Some of 'em never do.

Hugs to you and Sweetie both (even if you don't know me from Eve).

Shade and Sweetwater,

treesong said...

Thank you all for your kind words regarding Lady. Just realized the pic was taken when she could still climb unto a chair by herself.

I had to lift her to her food dish and she has turned away from it. She has rallied so many times but maybe no more.

Thanks again. Treesong

Anonymous said...

Son very sorry to hear about Lady.
It hurts so much to let them go.
And good for you for speaking up to the son.
(((Lady, you and George)))