Sunday, January 9, 2011

The LAST Trip

Sweetie left here about 12:30 p.m. Saturday bound for our old place in Michigan's UP. As he was going by himself, he procrastinated, pacing the floor and heaving great sighs at the thought of what awaited him.

Thankfully, he had bearable weather on the 10 hour drive north. Arrived in Hancock hungry and wasn't happy about "no place" having his favorite donuts. Oh well, at least he was safe. After resting awhile and admiring the town's 10 inches of snowfall, he pushed on the last 20 miles. The soon-to-be new owner had arranged for the drive to be plowed and once inside he discovered the place was "Warm at 60 degrees" as opposed to "cold at 80 degrees" down here where there's higher humidity.

Today, he called about 10 a.m. I asked if he'd been outside to the pole barn. "Yeah, and then I came back inside." In other words, the job that awaited him seemed overwhelming so he'd think on it over another cup of coffee.

This evening he phoned again. All the scrap/landfill stuff was loaded in the truck & the topper (which he left there last trip) was secure on the truck bed. His only complaint was there was NOT a coffee can in the box on the counter as I thought. So he drove to the nearest town (9 miles) this morning; treated himself to some breakfast and picked up lunch at the deli and a can of coffee and another box of donuts. He's roughing it on two chair cushions on the floor with a quilt and his pillows to remind him of home. Won't spend the money for a motel.

Today, Monday, he dumps stuff at the transfer station, has breakfast with my Dad and returns to load the truck with the last of his stuff. Said he tried to pull the 22' Carver boat out of its resting place in the yard but the tires are froze to the ground. He'll try again tomorrow by either pouring buckets of warm water on them or jacking it up to dislodge the tires. He intends to tow the boat back here which scares the you know what out of me. It is winter and the roads are slick and snow covered for most of the UP.

Closing is set for 11 a.m. Tuesday & he'd intends to arrive with truck packed, boat in tow. After wards he'll close out our checking account up there, ask for a cashier's check for the mortgage here and mail it off.

These are his plans and thus far he's on schedule. I pray and hope things continue to go well.

Lady, Kitty Kitty and I have missed him terribly. Both critters stick close to me and Lady whines when she hears a truck go by, thinking it's Sweetie.

I asked him if he missed being around all the snow. He said, "It is pretty." According to the forecast we'll soon see how "pretty" it is. The temps here have plummeted and the wind is filtering in through a few cracks.

A surprising bit of news arrived in the mail - our second electric bill. The total: $20.96. I checked the meter, re-read the bill and scratched my head. It was an "actual" reading so Hooray!!!!! Ms. El Cheapo's efforts have paid off.

After an evening nap, I'm wide awake so think I'll read awhile. Have a great day folks.


Sixbears said...

Hope your Sweetie makes it back safely. I plan on on hauling a boat from NH to Fl this winter, so have some sympathy for his trip.

Nice deal on the electric bill. With all the fees and charges, my bill is $35 before a single watt is used.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Always wondering how it is going with you guys.
Sounds like forward progress is being made.
Good Luck to Sweetie on the trip home.

debbieo said...

Wow, the electric bill is a nice deal.
Hope sweetie gets everything done and on time and safely.
Take care of yourself.

Its snowing and icy here. We are stocked up and warm.
Chili for supper sounds good to me.