Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Drive in the Country

You'd have thought is was the first day of summer by the number of cars on the road today. And most seemed to be doing just as we were" wandering country roads; stopping a river access sites; standing in groups in parks and along the road, chatting with friends while drinking steaming coffee and hot cocoa.

We had four stops to make in Ionia today and heading home Sweetie said, "Want to drive over to St. Johns?" Good thing I was sitting in the car because the surprise at his suggestion would have pushed me over. I told him if he was willing to unload the car first and let me grab something to eat then the idea sounded great.

We had Lady in the back seat while in Ionia and let her out when we got home. She actually seemed to prance around the yard for a bit before returning to the back seat. The recycling center is located five miles off our route to St. Johns so we filled the truck with cans, plastic and glass.

Spent time admiring farms and cruised a few car lots eyeing Ford trucks. Someday we'll buy another one. Someday.

When Lady came in the door this after noon she ate then plopped down in front of the propane wall heater. The smell of barbecued country style ribs fills the house while we anticipate a great supper. It's still 31 degrees here. A heatwave!

Enjoy the week folks. Less than eight weeks until Spring. Treesong


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Sounds like all three of you had a great day. That's wonderful!

: )

Anonymous said...

Cool, you got out for a restorative drive and also were able to accomplish some of your regular chores. Good for body and mind. Lady sounds like she had a little cabin fever also. :) B.