Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unbelievable, Just Unbelievable

Since my last post I've realized human nature sure is a strange character.

If you present the facts to a person; explain them slowly, patiently and clearly; and then repeat yourself a dozen times it's no guarantee the other party will comprehend one word. Not one. No wonder there are sheeple in the world.

We've spent hours installing the fencing along our south property line. We've talked to all but three property owners in this little plat. We've pointed out the trash piles as we haul other people's junk off our land. We've provided everyone with pictures of the blight and "stored stuff," copies of our survey, our deed and the local blight ordinance. And yet, we're asked, "Why are you putting up a fence?"


And still our actions are interpreted as being unfriendly, unneighborly, stuck up, insensitive and just plain stupid. Amazing; simply amazing.

Kind of reminds me of all those phone calls and emails to Congress when the TARP and the health care abomination were being "debated." No matter how many times or ways they were told, the message fell on deaf ears.

So this morning, bright and early, as most people were still in bed, I took the rake and walked along the south line. Within three hours I had piled a row of Red Pine needles and brush beyond the first two rows of trees - well away from the fence. It's unsightly and a fire hazard and I was determined to clean it up. Later today I'll load it all into our truck bed, dump it in a pit on our land and wait for winter when it will be burnt.

As I was walking home along the road a neighbor drove up in his truck and stopped. "You know, that area looks so much nicer when it's raked."

Amazing words considering they came from the mouth of pontoon boat man. Wonders never cease.


golfguy said...

from first hand knowledge,I can tell you that it will just take a couple of years and some over the fence talking to get your michigan neighbors to see you differently. It took me five years to change some minds around my place. Believe it or not just your persistence will amaze their lazy butts and then their begrudging respect will turn them around.
Good luck !

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are converting him, slowly , but surely to the religion of 'treesong'. Way to go. B.

HermitJim said...

Guess it's true that "good fences make good neighbors" , even though it may take some time!

Mayberry said...

People are stupid, self absorbed, and ignorant as hell. 98% of them could fall off the face of the earth, and I wouldn't miss them....