Friday, April 9, 2010

And So the Day Begins

Sunny, windy, no snow and 32 degrees here today. Sweetie's gone to salvage some garage door panels and Dad's just getting up. I've read a few blogs and sent an email to a friend in Tuscon.

Still waiting for an email from the Township Supervisor about his arrival time this weekend. If history repeats itself, we could be waiting months. Looked back through my old emails and found I first contacted him on July 27, 2009. Snow was not covering the ground then as was his latest excuse for not showing up last November. In fact, we didn't have any snowfall until 9 days after I called him in November! But, I must remind myself I'm trying to communicate with a politician.

Speaking of them, Rep. Bart Stupak has announced his retirement. Now that he's done optimum damage guess there's greener pastures elsewhere.

The man who bought 34 acres to the north of us has stakes in the ground marking his future driveway and utility pole. On my morning walk I introduced myself as he was hauling trash off his land. Imagine that! Another property owner clearing debris from his property!!!! I invited him to stop by for coffee and said we'd be happy to show him the trash remaining on our land. That perked up his ears so we walked to his south boundary - our north line - and I pointed out the mess in the distance. From that line to the fence wreckers' place is 209 feet and without any leaves on the trees it's an interesting view, to say the least.

The poor guy said, "I walked all over my land early this spring and didn't see much trash." I said we'd done the same thing and learned NO ONE should look at snow covered land and make an offer.

So, I'm hopeful that we'll have one SANE neighbor. Time will tell.

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2 Tramps said...

Sounds positive about the new neighbor. Maybe things will start to improve a bit.