Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Progress Today

After unloading and stacking two face cord of firewood, we gathered supplies and headed for the infamous fence line. Two hours later we had installed 200 feet of fence and changed our plans with regard to where we'll eventually install the gate. Uneven terrain, the guide wire from a utility pole and easier digging made the decision for us. For now we ran fence without leaving a gate opening. Sweetie said he'll frame the gate, insert the cedar posts, cut the fencing and tack it onto his gate frame.

Pontoon guy came outside while we were working but ignored us. When we were done fencing for today, Sweetie pulled into his yard and went inside to inquire about the pontoon. It had been for sale but has now sold. Thank God, as I consider it a piece of junk. Sweetie thought he'd use the pontoon as an opening to discuss moving the stuff off our lot line. The neighbor was not very talkative and after a quick cup of coffee we left.

To me, both men were avoiding the elephant in the room, so to speak. I felt both men were waiting for the other to say something about the fenceline. Sweetie said he'll "let him stew; he knows what we're doing." My take on the situation is: be direct. Say the stuff has to be moved within a week, then deal with his reaction. Sweetie doesn't confront directly because he wants to avoid a blow up - from both of them!

Once back at the house, I asked if we were going to fence all areas except the two neighbors who have junk on our land. He said since the one neighbor (who removed fence last fall) isn't here now, we'll install posts along his north/our south line, "so when he arrives he realizes he has to move his stuff." The man was told last fall he had to move stuff!

Avoidance at its best IMO. But Sweetie is the BOSS, so we'll see how well the BOSS's plan proceeds.

I'll leave it to you all to wonder what BOSS stands for.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of our progress. The camera konked out.

Well time for chicken and rice casserole, salad and peach pie. Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

All right, you got me, what's a face cord?

2 Tramps said...

I would have wanted to handle the issues the same way you wanted to. Not having closure makes it hard to move forward with any conviction. My guy is a lot like your sweetie - he avoids confrontation and does the "wait and see" bit. I call it doing the "ostrich"... It is hereditary for him.

Anonymous said...

BOSS better off standing still

I don't blame him for the wait and see attitude.
I hope it all works out.
I bet this guy doesn't do much physical labor... he may have to get some of his buds and some beer to be able to move all his s...tuff. Beth