Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Sometimes you're hit with so much at once you either crack or become anesthetized to it all. I feel that way today.

We've been sticking close to the land line phone for a couple day, waiting for "the call" about Sweetie's oldest sister. Yup, another impending death.

Today we had to go to town so we took a prepaid cell phone that we've never used. Still no call.

The weather is changing tonight and the forecast calls for nearly 10 inches of snow within the next 24-36 hours. If we have to leave I'd sure like to get out now.

But, as with most of OUR life, we're asked to wait. Instant gratification, recognition, acceptance, understanding, excitement or appreciation just don't seem to come our way too often. Still some people hang onto that belief.

We were talking about this while in town and then wandered around Walmart waiting for Sweetie's scripts to be filled. What an opportunity to watch people stress out while justifying their "need" to accumulate STUFF.

One poignant example was a young mother who has cystic fibrosis and may be 20 now. She complains daily about "having no money" and how tough it is to live on $650 a month in SS disability. Yet she's foregoing her rent, electric and cable TV bill to spend on her 16 month old for Christmas. Now, one could say she may not have many more Christmas's so why not splurge? But the stress she'll endure when the shut off notices come will exacerbate her condition. Sometimes, when that happens, she takes it out on her son.

Our banker told us about the rise locally in foreclosures and a certain hospital placing liens on people's checking accounts and paychecks. The hospital will not accept payment plans of $50 a month from someone with 3-4 children who makes $400 a week and pays a $650 a month mortgage! Instead, the hospital demands $500 initial payment followed by a "reasonable" $175-250 a month. Unfortunately, lots of these people, according to the banker, also have car payments, no insurance or horrible insurance deductibles, and a need to "keep up with the Jones."

I said "keeping up with the Jones" now means losing a home, job(s), insurance, security and the misplaced belief that fedgov is watching out for you. He gave me a quizzical look and said, "Sounds like you've been reading some conspiracy theory stuff."

Incredible, considering the scenario he had just told us about. And so I told him that.

Well, I have to close now and free up the phone line. Maybe a trip away for a couple days, even to a funeral, will do us good.



Anonymous said...

Getting older sometimes just sucks.
More people I know are passing on.
I have come to the conclusion , just now, that I have got to not let it affect me so much. I need to concentrate on me and mine. Good Luck to you two. I am betting a change of scenery couldn't hurt anything . Sometimes cabin fever sets in and you don't really realize it and it turns into depression.Esp. with everything else you have to worry about.

Mayberry said...

It never ceases to amaze me this herd of sheeple can sit there with collapse staring them in the face, and completely ignore it. They refuse to believe that is anything more than a bunch of kind, caring, helpful souls with the people's best interest at heart. They get testy if I try to tell them about it, if I point out what should be painfully obvious. Yeah, they like to pull the "conspiracy theory" stuff too. They are just so brainwashed....

Did it MY way said...

I always said at this time of the year in Michigan lack of sunshine was bad for my health. So three weeks in Florida always cheered me up.

A trip for any reason may be what you need.

You do have a lot to worry about, but don't let it get you down. Put it in God's hands. Worry is wasted time. Think positive.

God Bless

HermitJim said...

Nothing I hate more than having to wait forthe other shoe to drop! I agree, maybe a change of scenery is in order...

Hope all works out soon!