Friday, December 11, 2009

Fifty Two Inches Thus Far

Snow that is! Since Friday, December 4th.

Let it come. I could care less. We're warm, have plenty of provisions, can tolerate one another amazingly well, and our dog and cat are good company!

Today I got all excited thinking maybe we'd be snowed in on this road for at least one day. Just as I walked down the drive to get a picture of the unplowed road, the plow zoomed by. My camera was in my pocket. So like a snow nut, I stood there for 20 minutes waiting for his return from our dead end road. Kept the camera in my pocket and was able to get one picture before it froze up! Oh well.

Talked to my dad today three times. First call he was on his way out to shovel his steps - all nine of them. Second call he had just got in town - 7 mile drive to my sister's. Third call, told him we're staying home today so we won't be seeing him. This was before the plow came but we're staying in anyway. The visibility is almost zero and some Facebook friends have already been in accidents because they couldn't see on the highway when traffic came by. The area also recorded its first snowmobile death early this morning. As usual alcohol and excessive speed are suspected. Guy flew off the machine, hit a sign while airborne and landed 60 feet further away in a bank. There will be more for sure as they never seem to learn. Too bad for the families that are left to grieve, though.

I was online awhile yesterday looking for menu inspiration. Not that either of us need to eat much more! But every once in awhile it's nice to try something new. The challenge was making sure I already had the ingredients on hand. Came up with a broccoli casserole and then combined the best of two recipes for another casserole. Haven't tried either yet but if we like them I'll pass them on.

Sweetie just said he sees no point in plowing today. Five inches have come down since we woke up at 7 a.m. I'll check the weather report and we'll decide later if we ought to clear some to make room for more!

Well, time to call an elderly friend downstate and do the dishes. Keep safe and warm folks, Treesong


MEB said...

I'm glad I am where I am, where it only poured rain and the wind blew. Look on my recent postings for a couple ofrecipes. You may have much the same already. meb

Pam said...

I thought you might get a fair amount of snow based on the forecast. Here in Ann Arbor we have a light dusting and lots of wind. Am I jealous? Um, yes. However, to me, the UP is a nice place to visit...and read peoples blogs who live there:) Beside, DH is a warm weather kind of guy. It's enough to keep him in Ann Arbor. Thank goodness for wood stoves and the deep radiant heat coming from them! Enjoy your snow!

Mayberry said...

OK, I'm not gonna gripe about 45 degrees and some drizzle....

Anonymous said...

Hee , hee , hee .....makes me giddy for you . Being on a plowed road is a good sellng point, tho.
52 inches .....wowee

debbieo said...

You are smart to stay tucked in. It's verb cold here but just a dusting now and again of snow. We rarely get enough to sled, when we do if we dont get right on it we miss it. My hubby is from Minnesota so he knows cold weather. I think I like south.
Take care and keep warm.

Anonymous said...

WOW - that is a lot of snow. I've been wondering how you were doing as I live "below the bridge" and knew the UP was getting hammered!

I know folks near Traverse City and I haven't spoken to them yet to see how much they've gotten but I know they were expecting a bunch too!

Stay warm, stay safe and enjoy your sweetie and pets. Sounds like heaven to me. I'm always looking for a good snowfall to get snowed in so I can just enjoy my knitting or crocheting, a good book or board games with the family!

Praying for all - including your beloved dad.

MamaBear in the Mitten

Did it MY way said...

Looks like you could be in for a tough winter. Good luck, and stay warm.
I'm rotten to the core....80 here today.

See Ya

HermitJim said...

Boy...that is a lot of snow! Makes me cold just to look at it!

Anonymous said...

Wowee. Are your utility lines buried? How are things going with the wood stove ? Your tv reception any good? Local radio stations? Your road looks pretty substantial,what we can see :) , mainly the right of way width.