Monday, December 7, 2009

Since Saturday

Sunday we started the 22 mile drive to visit my Dad who was at my sister's for the afternoon. About four miles down the road the car just quit. Sweetie coasted to the roadside and soon a guy came by and gave him a ride home where he got the truck. The tow rope was already in the car and soon we had towed the car home. Of course, all the while we're thinking; not another expense!!!

This morning Sweetie called the Ford dealership and talked to the parts manager. He was told to check a button in the trunk. He'd no sooner told me about it and I had an ah-ha moment. A Mercury Tracer I owned did the same thing when I was hit broadside at an intersection. It's a safety feature that cuts the fuel off so you don't risk an explosion.

We left for town again today but took the truck and "The List." Pointless to leave home without "The List." Of course, once in a store if I spot a deal it's added to "The List." Picked up another fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, four packages of chicken gizzards for Lady, yogurt, cat litter and cat food. Now have two plus years of cat litter and cat food.

At Family Dollar I bought ten 8-roll packages of toilet paper! Sweetie says I'm anally fixated! I say I'm prepared and saved us $2 a package over what we last paid for nearly the same square footage per package (different brand last time).

Also went to Goodwill and the Salvation Army Thrift Store. For a mere $15 I got a HUGE Ralph Lauren bath towel, three picture frames (all different designs), a NEW man's flannel shirt, a Charles Wysocki puzzle, a pair of brown lounge pants, a pair of L.L. Bean snow pants, NEW women's lingerie, a woman's Faded Glory top, six pair of wool blend socks, 69 assorted design Christmas cards & envelopes and some free paperback mysteries. Two of the picture frames were new, in their boxes. I'm enlarging/cropping family photos of my Dad and giving copies to my children for Christmas.

And finally, I want to thank Hermit for his kind support and wonderful blog. Today, I found this gem in his blog: "... unexpected things in life can test us, can unite us, and can be the basis for a strong future." Wonderful reminder for all of us!

Forecast calls for six below here Thursday night. That will be a test of our pipe insulation, heat tape and caulking. Personally, I'm looking forward to a good blizzard. Won't bother us one bit! Last night I was doing some "mindless calculating" as Sweetie termed it. That "mindless" exercise tells me we - and our dog and cat - could stay here for 19 months without needing any food and enjoy a variety of healthy, nutritious foods as well as treats. This is without growing a garden! It's just a great feeling to know we wouldn't starve. What more could we ask for?

Well, time to load the wood stove! Treesong


Mayberry said...

It sure is nice to know that you'll be good to go for that long isn't it! But us preppers are nuts...

2 Tramps said...

So sorry that your car broke down. Hope it is something easily and inexpensively repaired. Sure do understand about the toilet paper thing - I shop for it like you do and also get razzed some for it. But we gals need it a bit more than the fellas do! We have the cold here now that is headed your way. It hit somewhere around -6 this morning. I was up at 3:45 AM to get a fire started again in the wood cook stove and light the propane stove before crawling back into bed to wait for things to warm up. At least we are having some daytime sun with the icy cold - it feels warmer!

Did it MY way said...

It's nice to know how long you could last with out going to the store. Do you ever get snowed in?
Nice to have a back-up for the car.
Seems like you have everything under control. Keep up the good work.

See Ya

Anonymous said...

Sounds like as close to heaven on earth as you will get. Strong woman you are.

HermitJim said...

Hey Treesong...thanks for the plug! I'm glad to know that the pantry is getting well stocked! Always a good feeling to know that come what may, we are ready! Or at least, as ready as possible...!

I think that the "people paper" is a good investment, having run out during an ice storm one year! Never again...!

have to learn from our mistakes, right?

You have a good day, my friend!