Saturday, December 5, 2009

We Came Home to Snow

More than eight inches of snowfall yesterday and six inches since 1:20 p.m. today! Sweetie plowed the drive yesterday after we gunned it through the drift in our drive. The car's in the garage, our truck is on loan to someone who's moving in this mess and the Blazer with the plow did a fine job - and Sweetie stayed warm.

Our trip was tiring, sad and a lot of white knuckle driving the last 100 miles. Can truly say that it's good to be back. Four to six lanes of bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour is for those who think life has to be "Achieved." Personally, I'll stay broke, well fed, warm and surrounded by pine trees, idiot neighbors and the sound of Lake Superior's waves crashing the shoreline. At a mile away we hear her mighty power daily and it's awe inspiring, to say the least.

Sometime within the next few days - depending on the weather - we'll do our monthly shopping. I spent today cleaning cupboards, sorting drawers, taking an inventory and dusting the tops of cans, buckets and boxes along the way. We've determined we have the wall to ceiling space above our current pantry shelves to accommodate more steel shelving so a few resale shops, Habitat for Humanity and finally Walmart will be checked for the best deal. Sweetie screwed the existing shelves to the wall and now he's building me a ladder attached to a horizontal pole so I can slide along the shelving - think library ladder to access canned goods!

Well, Sweetie just woke up from his nap and said, "Good Morning!"

I think he's wrung out from the trip. It's 4:30 p.m. NOT a.m.

Have a good day and stay warm! Treesong


MEB said...

Gee, I,m glad I am here where it is warm: it only got down to 19 degrees last night and no snow...yet.
Do you put up a Christmas tree? I do love the holidays even though I live by myself. I keep to traditions and cook myself a full holiday meal.

HermitJim said...

That is a LOT of snow! Hope the ol' tootsies are staying warm!

Nothing worse that having cold feet! Unless, of course, it's having your partner stick those cold feet on your back once you get in bed!

Glad you nade it home in one piece!

Did it MY way said...

Now at this time of the year Michigan should have snow. Sunday mornings in front of the fireplace with a fresh cup of coffee looking out on the fresh snow with just critter tracks knowing you are warm,and not haveing to go out: PRICELESS.

70 Degrees here tomorrow. I'm bad. lol

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