Monday, August 3, 2009

What a Wonderful Day!

The morons in Washington who do their best to coddle the crooks on Wall Street cannot steal my joy - no matter how bad it gets. First off, I'm a Prepper who's done her best with the help of Sweetie to lay in two years supply of food, medicine, toiletries, household items and spare parts, etc. And, unlike a lot of sheeple, we're SATISFIED with most of our life because we live it pretty much on out terms and to Hell with what anyone else thinks.

So today, when I took off for a few hours of R&R by myself, I already knew life was good. But it got a lot better!!!!

Took a quick drive down to the boat ramp near our house to take some pictures. Got so excited about finding a 6-8 person tent laid next to the restroom that I forgot about the pictures. This afternoon, after coming home, hanging it on the line to dry and inspecting it, I can report it has one four inch tear in it along the bottom of a panel - nothing that affects the use of it!!!

I stopped in one of our small towns to do our banking and mail two bills. Went to Family Dollar for cat food and then called my oldest son who moved into his "other house" yesterday. Went over there with the blueberry pie I'd baked for him and he invited me to a late breakfast. Called a friend who I was supposed to have lunch with but she had the hives so scratch that plan.

Meandered through an art gallery and then drove northeast into Keweenaw County. My first stop was the Cliff Cemetery on US 41. Hadn't been there in eight years and wow, what changes. Mainly, thimbleberry bushes and some kind of ground cover hid most of the old gravestones and a lot of trees had fallen. But here's a couple pictures anyway.

Then I drove to Central, another old mining community which the Keweenaw Historical Society has helped restore. Lots of apple tress there and I'll have to remember that this fall. Also went to Lac La Belle and Bete Grites where one of the two most beautiful sand beaches is - the other being Keystone Bay near the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula and now in private ownership.

I ran out of space on my digital camera and didn't have that do-hicky with me to store photos. Met a few tourists along the way and gave them a few tips about what to avoid, where to eat, etc. then turned southerly and headed for home. Most of my drive home was along Lake Superior and there were lots of thimbleberry and blueberry pickers out along the road. I hadn't brought any containers with me but got out to pick anyway, thinking I'd just grab a few handfuls of thimbleberries for Sweetie to taste and place them on a towel in the truck. Alas, the deer flies were merciless and I didn't have long pants on so I picked about six berries before coming to my senses and driving on.

The lake breeze has made me sleepy so I napped on the sofa awhile then picked another pound of blueberries in our yard. There are so many I could never pick them all!!


Anonymous said...

An enjoyable post. meb

Marie said...

Well, Treesong, you and Sweetie must be some of the wealthiest folks I "know."

Good for you!

HermitJim said...

Your post today makes me feel very peaceful and rested...don't know why!

Thank you for the pics, as well!

Did it MY way said...

Thanks for the post. Brings back fond memories. If is was not for the winter I would probabely still live in Michigan.

May visit you one summer. lol

See Ya