Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Old Summertime

It got up to 94 degrees here today with humidity of 68%. After two months of the thermometer swinging between 43 degree at night and 70 during the day - ever few days - followed by a constant 55 degrees or rain and 48 degrees, you'd think we'd be dancing on the beach.

Instead,us two melanoma survivors are holed up inside with two ceiling fans and a small air conditioner running. Sweetie did work outside on the boat for awhile and I watered the garden but that was it as far as work. Made a quick trip to my oldest son's to pick up the shower stall he had stored in a locker. We backed the truck up to our back deck and slid it off. Fit perfectly between the railing. One thing the previous owner did was install wide steps on the back deck which is beginning to look like an open air warehouse.I've tried reading a few blogs today and just couldn't seem to concentrate. Other than the world ending, I doubt the news out of Washington or elsewhere is much different than yesterday.

For your reading enjoyment tonight I direct you to the home of Dick Huey Real Estate. There you'll discover the rich folks are divesting themselves of beautiful homes and cabins on Lake Superior or inland lakes with lots of acreage. If any of us peons had a several million between us we could buy up one or two or more "estates" and create our own little country. Plenty of firewood, fishing, orchards and garden areas and room for a few hundred of us. Just a thought. LOL

Well, I'm gonna sit back and read a mystery. If I can keep my eyes focused on the page. The humidity and I do not do well. Later, Treesong


G.C. said...

Treesong, I have a guest post over on Jim Dakins blog for today on the gulf oil fields. Chack it out. G.C.

Staying Alive said...

Trying to find people who will invest in a future is a very non-relaxing ambition. You will probably be better off trying to find ONE person who will go for it. But it was a nice thought.


treesong said...

G.C. and Staying Alive,

Thanks for stopping by. And, yes, I agree with your assessment Michael regarding finding people to invest in the future. It would, however, be something to see a group of dedicated people take over a place like Granot Loma Farms and begin working the land and occupying the buildings!

MEB said...

I really miss the days when you don't post something. I enjoy reading your essays and thoughts.