Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Chimney's Through the Roof!

Sweetie is one diligent, thorough worker. When he puts his mind to a project it gets done. Might take him awhile because he's got to take frequent breaks and give himself a dose of an inhaler but, by golly, he does the job.

Our estimates for this job were between $1400 and $1570. It cost us $400 and a couple days. The 4/12 metal roof over the original mobile home roof presented a challenge. Sweetie tied a rope to the hitch of his truck and threw the rope over the roof. On the other side of the roof he tied a ladder. He used this ladder to crawl up and down the roof where he had removed one roof panel for access to the mobile home roof. After shoveling the insulation away from the inner roof, he sawed into the mobile home roof and met the spot where he had opened up the kitchen ceiling.

We still need to attach the chimney cap and the flange at the base of the chimney where it meets the roof. Once finished with that, we'll complete the 3x5 foot cement board panels and tile the kitchen and the wall behind the wood stove.

We've partially gutted the bathroom so it's kind of like camping out around here. But, little by little, we'll get the whole job done.

I'll post more pictures later. Sweetie wants the computer.


SciFiChick said...

WOW! WTG Sweetie!

Sarah ( said...

Lookin' great!

Yukon Mike said...

Just curious. Is this chimney your putting in for relocation of an existing wood stove or are you adding another for additional heating?

treesong said...

We installed the chimney for additional heat - not to replace an existing chimney. Sweetie is spoiled by wood heat. Due to our low income, we rely on wood heat versus propane. We have about 350 gallons of propane which should last us a year. Our water heater is propane as is the furnace but we're conservative with both. Once we're in heating season, I place a couple large pans on the woodstove and let them heat and use it for dishwashing. The dryer is electric and I don't use it. Our highest electrical bill thus far has been under $50. It will go higher as daylight hours decrease. We have satellite TV now (free usage thanks to an ingenious son - not stealing the signal either) and in winter we'll probably watch it more. Still, 90% of it is a waste.

Well, my Dad is spending a couple days with us and I'm gonna help him into bed. Later, Treesong

Did it MY way said...

Great job!

Yukon Mike said...

Yup, a couple more months and the cold is back. I like a fire going in the fireplace, something peaceful and real about one. We have a fire going almost all the time during December and I know I live in Florida, but here in North Florida we have 3-4 days every year below freezing. It’s not all beaches, shorts and flip-flops! Hope the project goes well and Dad is doing well.