Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Corporate America Screws With Us Again!

We had great plans today which were sidelined at 11:30 a.m. when I took the mail out of the mailbox. A large envelope from our property insurance company for the place we sold downstate caught my attention. Opened it to find a refund of our last six month payment. The policy had been cancelled.

I dreaded giving Sweetie the news as he's already blown a gasket over this company. Our payment was made via a US Postal Money Order in person at the agent's office on the due date. We soon received a cancellation notice. We called about the notice and were told it had been credited and we would soon receive a notice to that affect. ONE MONTH later (August 8th), we received a notice stating our policy was in effect. Today, we received the notice of cancellation and the refund check.

Our agent kept saying he'd return our call because he was "tied up." Sweetie did all the calling which is probably good as I would have shown in person. To Hell with being put off most of the day.

At 4p.m. Sweetie called the agent one more time and yelled at him: "Either you give me an answer now or I'll file a formal complaint against -------." ONCE again, he was told he'd be called back within a few minutes. Nine minutes later the agent said, "Everything's fine. Mail the check back to the corporate office and your account will be credited."

We sat here a couple minutes looking at one another and Sweetie said: "I smell a rat." I walked over to him, asked for the phone and called the corporate office. Gave them our policy number and asked about the account. The clerk said she'd have to check into it and I said, "I'm going to fax you all the documentation of this account for the past year. Someone has screwed up royally and it was NOT us."

And if they think we're going to mail the check back to them...well, they really are screw ups!

The clerk said someone would call back tomorrow!!!! I said, "Good, by then I'll have secured a new policy from another company and talked to our lawyer."

You see, one of the reasons we're upset is the finance company that holds a note on the property downstate, also got a cancellation notice. So guess what was in the second envelope I opened today. Yah, a notice of "payment due in full."


Mayberry said...

Ugh... I get so sick of dealing with those pukes. That's why I want paid for land, with a paid for dwelling, and I'll take my chances. Bank those "premiums" I'd otherwise be paying and let 'em draw interest. That way if the worst were to happen, I'd just build a new cabin/ get a new RV, without the hassle of dealing with those crooks, or the crooks in Washington. Any dealings with an "insurance" company of any kind nowadays is a royal pain, a headache I'd rather not deal with...

Jimmy the Screwdriver said...

That sucks man. Either way you need to deal with a different company. I use State Farm- have for years. Never a problem.

HermitJim said...

Hope you can get it all worked out soon...I hate insurance companies of any kind!

Did it MY way said...

I'm with Mayberry. I don't deal with them. All paid for, and I'll self insure. That's the joy of being debt free.

See Ya