Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some Days...

Some days are full of sunshine and laughter and fond memories and productive work and peace and love.

Other days are full of people who make rash judgements and stupid statements because their sense of place in their pre-fabricated, well orchestrated facade is threatened.

And imagine, if you can, that it's threatened by little old me walking along the road picking up trash; or asking a trespasser to take the disposable diaper with them; or giving food to the neighbors; or not partaking in the weekly drunk at the campfire; or, God forbid, asking him to slow down on our gravel road when the dust cloud is as thick as fog.

On days like this I'd like to take him, and a few other people, into the woods and knock their heads together. Then I'd strip them of their I-pods, cell phones, car keys, designer shoes, bubble gum, cigarettes, drug paraphernalia and booze bottle and maybe cut their tongues out!

Some days the idiots, whiners, lazy asses, and judgemental jerks just don't deserve the air they breathe. Some days the people who think everyone has to be the same; the gossips, the snobs and the bullies; and people who think I'm the nut need to look in the mirror.

Some days the religious who think every encounter is an opportunity to "witness" and have never truly sacrificed, need to be instantly transported by open boat to the remotest village - without their Bible - which they readily apply to others while ignoring themselves. That old verse about failing to see the speck in an eye because of the plank in theirs comes to mind. These same Bible bangers will donate to an orphanage overseas but not to the people who lost their home to fire - because they're mental health clients.

Some days those who ignore the handicapped man while rushing into the store to buy more China crap need to spend a day in a wheelchair - with one hand tied to the arm and a catheter that needs changing taped to their leg and inserted firmly in place.

Some days the women at their weekly coffee clutch who criticize unwed mothers; gossip about the neighbor's drunken husband; and spend the day running everyone down while doing nothing to make a difference in this world, need to have their homes repossessed; lose their jobs; get served divorce papers; and have their children removed by DHS; and lose their glued on nails, hair dye and credit cards. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you think to spread your vile comments you hypocritical bitches.

None of these pompous, self-serving, narrow minded, cranium deficient homo-sapians could find their way out of a 40 acre field, let alone survive the journey. If there's not a house in sight, a street sign to give them a clue and a strip of pavement to walk on their manufactured world becomes a scary place and their boastful, self-confident persona crumbles.

Show me a person who criticizes quickly, condemns "outsiders" or people who are "different", and thinks they have life figured out and I'll show you a moron who believes in hallow slogans without knowing squat about the circumstances, the history or the consequences of much of anything. They are, however, the kind of people both sides of Washington's World of Bullshit loves - mindless, spineless sheep.

There, I feel a little better.


Robbyn said...

Yes, the view's really different when folks get down off their pedestals and realize life happens to all of us. Feels good to rant, eh? :) It's funny. I'm a very strong believer in God, with a few die-hard religious convictions, yet every time I thought I could judge someone else, I got reminded pretty quickly I'm a mere speck in the whole big picture and that we all pretty much need each other's respect and compassion a lot more than sermons. Great points in your post...thanks :)

treesong said...


Thanks for stopping by. Good to know that someone with "a few die-hard religious convictions" sees is aware of the bigger picture. Have a great day, Treesong

HermitJim said...

Sounds like you really needed to get that off your chest, my friend!

I can agree with all the points that you make completely...

Throwing stones inside a glass house is never a good idea, as some of these types you mention will find out sooner or later!

Enjoyable post/rant this morning, Treesong!

G.C. said...

Treesong, This is G.C. Testing to see if this goes through

Anonymous said...

now...tell us how you really feel. :)
some days you just HAVE to rant. amen.

Kymber said...

ugh. this is the kind of post that makes me stop and think. thank you Treesong for making me stop regularly..and making me think.
i have learned over the years to never judge unless you "walk a mile in someone else's shoes"...and i have hope that in some point in the very near/far future we will all be able to do so...i think that this is what the Creator had in day we will all learn to accept and we will all learn to grow and stop condemning each other...

thank you so much for this post - it has really got me re-thinking my ways!

G.C. said...

Treesong, I added another post to Bisons Blog and e-mailed "staying Alive". G.C.

SciFiChick said...

LOL Sounds like you are settling in just fine!