Monday, September 24, 2012

Count Your Blessings

It was volunteer time today at a makeshift food giveaway. More people are showing up and the same or smaller donation is being divided into smaller portions.

On the plus side people are opening up about their needs. Met a man today who moved into a storage shed which he and friends furnished with others cast offs. He works 24 hours a week for about 7.45/hr and has a $40/week child support bill and no vehicle. Fortunately, he can walk to work and the weather here is better than trudging through a snowstorm.

I asked him if there was anything else he needed because we have things in our storage shed destined for a yard sale. He looked at me and said, "A friend or two would be nice."

He wasn't whining about his circumstances and doesn't look like he just came off a month long drunk in the gutter.

Another couple overheard us and they joined the conversation. A few minutes later they were inviting one another to sit by the campfire some night. One plays harmonica and one an old "gee-tar."

George came to the food give away with me just to meet a few people and get out of the house. He was quiet driving home and I asked, "what's on your mind."

He said, "I see now why you volunteer. I also see that we're better off then some and more like others."

When we arrived home he began pulling things out of the shed and said next week we'll just open our trunk and ask if anyone needs any of it.

Imagine, the poor helping the poor.


Mayberry said...

There are folks here who camp out in the brush, always has been. Used to be a lot of panhandlers too but the cops ran them off. There is a place nearby called Timon's Ministries which feeds folks, and they are busy every day. Every time I go to the grocery store or the corner store, I see people paying with a "Lone Star" card (food stamps). It's getting really bad out there...

debbieo said...

I think throughout times its always the poor who help the poor. Those who HAVE dont stoop to see what those who have not even need. People with less income always tithe more and give more of their time as well. Just my opinion.
Also when you dont have much but you can help someone less fornatuate than you it makes you feel better.

treesong said...

I agree 100% with you Debbio. The poor do tend to help more - especially those who aren't screwing the system to begin with.

Volunteering in the thrift shop run by the women's club I've noticed first hand the difference between the haves and have nots.

Some of their conversations I can relate to; others I stand there thinking, "If your life were like mine, I wonder if you'd still say that."

Sixbears said...

Good thing the poor help the poor, as the rich aren't going to.

Ever notice you never see a luxery car stopped to pick up hitch hikers?