Friday, February 27, 2009

Grease Monkeys

Forgot to mention that the new "used" engine for the truck arrived when Sweetie's brother came for their mom's funeral. Thankfully, Sweetie still has use of the pole barn (actually 1/4 interest in it now!) and today was spent hoisting the engine into its new home.

I admit there are times when I moan about all his tools, parts and "junk" strewn here and there but, by golly they got put to use yesterday and today! And, among all the things he was given for cleaning out a garage, the propane heater came in handy. It is -6 degrees here with -15 forecast for tonight. Brrrr............

So someday next week we should have wheels again! Yippee!!!

In other news, my son bought another fixer-upper for $1,200. Three bedrooms, one bath, glassed in front porch, village lot that backs up to DNR property, and lots of beautiful woodwork.

Sweetie's mom's house will be shown to a prospective buyer Saturday. Maybe this financial log jam we're in will have a little movement.

Well, not much else to share. I'm aching and grimy and look like I've been mopping black grease off the floor. Time for a soak! Treesong

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Standing In Line

I admit to having some strange thoughts. Like early this morning when I hopped a ride to town and stood in line at the grocery store where ONE checkout person was on duty. Seems two people called in sick and their replacements hadn't arrived yet.

You know how people get standing in line - impatient and frustrated, for the most part. I was fifth in line.

My morning entertainment went something like this:

"You'd think they'd get another checkout gal here." (Guy #2 in line)

"They have a couple coming in to replace the ones that called in." (Gal #3 in line)

"Well, I ain't standing around all day waiting for a couple bimbos who don't want to work." (Guy #6 - behind me - who leaves his cart and walks out!)

"Guess he thought he had something more important to do." (Gal #4, in front of me)

"Can't imagine that he does; he's out of work and out of unemployment." (Guy #7, who apparently knew Guy #6)

The checkout gal is out of nickles and calls the manager. He shows up with her change, sees the people in line - who now number about 12 - and returns to his office.

My ride comes into the store to check on my progress. "Oh, guess it'll be awhile; I'll go gas up."

Guy #7 is getting antsy so I suggest we trade places. "Are you crazy?" Gal #4. "No, just thankful this isn't a FEMA camp line and I'm starving."

"What the hell's a FEMA camp line?" asks Guy #7, who now steps ahead of me - with his 12 pack of beer and some lunch meat.

"It's a place where unprepared, homeless, unemployed people will wind up if they don't wise up."

A few people laugh and a few snicker.

Gal #4 is now checked out and Guy #7 - which would have been me - tells the clerk, "Well, I'm going home to a see if there's news on the TV about these FEMA camps." She smiles and says, "Google it."

I came home with six jars of Miracle Whip (on sale for $2.50 each) and told Sweetie about standing in line.

He says, "You're really getting vocal, Dear. Thank God you don't know anyone here 'cause they'd be calling me to have you committed." wouldn't be to a FEMA camp!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm High!!!!

I've been on a high all day - walking around singing "Ain't gonna take your crap no more, no more. No, ain't gonna take your crap no more, no more."

Good thing too 'cause the fan blades have been turning overtime lately.

Here's a few examples:

We get a call from Sweetie's son. Won't bore you with the details but he got a brief, one word answer, "NO." Like most adolescent people, he asked, "Why not?" I didn't respond. He asked if his dad was here so I hand the phone to him. Sweetie says, "Hello Son, the answer is no," and then hung up.

The Bitch Sister's son-in-law shows up. We're still in shock that he ventured onto our property but, his mother-in-law is beside herself with disgust and shame at our "terrible behavior" and determined to get an apology out of us!!! An apology? Look in the mirror!!!!

I let the guy in the back door and led him down the hall to the living room where Sweetie sat in his throne - er recliner. The son-in-law says, "I'm here to talk to you because your sister demands an apology." Sweetie says, "There's the door. Use it." I opened the front door next to Sweetie's throne - er recliner - and our visitor made a hasty exit.

Gee, maybe we're emitting threatening energy waves or we turn green and our eyeballs bulge when we encounter such stupidity! Whatever the case, no blows were exchanged though I'm sure the message was clear. Dah, Dah. I can here that stanza in my head again - "we ain't gonna take your crap no more..."

Next, we're basking in our latest victories and enjoying grilled cheese sandwiches when the neighbor calls. "I thought over your behavior the other day and wanted to warn you I've filed a complaint with the police."

Now get this. On Sunday, Sweetie drove the backhoe/loader next door to his mom's vacant house. As he pulls in the yard, he spies the neighbor in her woods running a chainsaw, bent over a downed dead tree, poised to de-limb it!!! The tree lays near her driveway and at least 50 feet within her property line!!!!

The neighbor is a retired cop but, thievery is an equal opportunity occupation. Anyway, Sweetie hops off the backhoe and asks what he's doing. The ex-cop says, "Well, I was gonna cut this up for firewood." Sweetie says, "Oh, I don't recall asking you to cut firewood for me . But, if you want, I'll park the backhoe here and you can throw the wood into the loader. When you're done, I'll drive it home!"

Sweetie says the look on the guy's face was priceless. Just priceless! The cop says nothing to Sweetie and walks next door to his place. Sweetie's gaze follows him until he notices something peculiar about the guy's mail box. An old milk can - from the very same woods where the tree lays - now holds the neighbor's mailbox post!!!

By then my ex-biker, Irish blooded, long gray bearded, slightly red headed brute had reached his limit. He drives the backhoe next door to the ex-cop's yard and does a few wheelies. Of course, the cop comes outside and asks, "What the hell...." After a few choice words to the cop, Sweetie comes home and yells, "where's that damn can of orange spray paint!"

He was soooo beet red, and sooooo angry, I didn't say a thing; just very quietly and very carefully handed him the spray paint.

A while later he returns, stomps in the door, and says, "Well, my last name is on the milk can supporting the neighbor's mailbox post! God damn city slickers!!!"

I dunno, is it cabin fever, a Vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight, or lack of green garden veggies that causes such strange behaviors? Are people so wrapped up in petty, trivial bull that they have no reasoning ability left in their gray matter? I really don't have the answer but, these people are multiplying day by day.

We're just "too independent" and "strange" we're told. Your damn right, we are!

We're sick and tired of being picked on, taken advantage of, ignored and belittled. And by golly, we "ain't gonna take your crap no more, no more. No, we ain't gonna take your crap no more, no more. NO MORE!"

Monday, February 23, 2009


The funeral is behind us and all the family except Sweetie's older sister and her husband have gone home.

We're just chilling. It feels good.

No more evil smirks from the Bitch; no condescending tone of voice or exclusion from her, her children or grandchildren.

We learned through this ordeal that plenty of people see through her public facade. We kept our wits while the uppity nosed one went bonkers. Imagine being directed to the far side of the church away from the "reserved for family" section and not obeying!!! So there we sat - Sweetie, me, his son and Sweetie's brother - and Hell didn't open up and swallow us or anyone else!

All her choreographing and organizing was ignored and afterward people either gave us a thumbs up or whispered "good for you!"

And so, dear readers, my advice today is: STAY TRUE TO YOUR PRINCIPLES/BELIEFS. If your truly know who you are and what you stand for don't be ashamed; don't bend to every breeze.

The greatest threat to these insecure, micro managing morons is a well placed rebellion. Today, we rebelled. And gosh darn it - I didn't even know Sweetie was going to do it!!! By golly, I'm proud of him.

Too bad if someone raises a stink because you're "different." Too bad if you're blissfully happy living outside the mainstream, media driven, mall mongrels who retreat to their McMansions. Too bad if they're miserable over having to share the estate with three siblings who don't adhere to the status quo. Too bad they need regular revisions of useless junk in order to feel/believe they've "arrived."

And too bad they believe ornate, gilded religious buildings and practices guarantee them entrance to Heaven. Too bad their memberships in "exclusive" clubs and
organizations insulates them from diversity and variety.

It really is too bad. Their lives scream insecurity!!!

But, they've chosen their lifestyle and we've chosen ours. We grow about half of our food; we stockpile food and toiletries; we cut our firewood; we repair instead of replace; we live without frills and reach out to those in need. We feel no need to join and compete and accumulate. Our friends and acquaintances come in all sizes, shapes, backgrounds, political/socio-economic/religious persuasions and we find common ground with each. Yet, we're perceived as ignorant, lazy, unproductive, and in need of intervention.

Oh well!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Please Bear With Me!

There are many times in life when people act like complete asses.

One of those times is when The Bitch attempts once again to micromanage her siblings.

We were just called with a "suggestion" from her.

"Please show up at the the funeral home at 2 p.m. for the family viewing," she said. "And, it would be nice if you could figure out how to dress appropriately."

Well, Dear Bitch, we may be poor; we may be living in sin in your eyes; we may be living in a "trailer" but, we do know how to dress for a funeral.

Believe me, after Sweetie threw the phone in my direction, I gave myself a split lip while I tried to compose the appropriate response!!!

"We bought George a suit just for this occasion, Kay. So don't get your nose stuck between your cheeks when you bend over to smell your ass!"

Well, that got her panties in a twist. She called her older brother - who is staying next door at their mother's house - and requested that I not attend the visitation or funeral.

This got Sweetie upset again so he called her.
"Open your mouth one more time about any of us, ANY of us, and I will place you in your own coffin while we're at the funeral home!"

I'm so proud of him. So proud.

I know this rant has little to do with prepping - other than keeping the right attitude and standing up for yourself!

Thanks again ya'll, Treesong

The Waiting Is Over

About 11:30 p.m., just as we climbed into bed last night, the phone rang.

Thanks to all of you for your comments. I'll be back in a few days. Treesong

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's The Waiting...

It's the waiting that's hardest. Waiting for death to take a body wracked by cancer. Waiting for that truck motor - which is dependent on the impending death. Waiting for the snow storm to end - which has dropped 16 inches while the winds continue to howl, tree limbs continue to break, and now the woodshed is leaning to the south.

The waiting had become a long, quiet time where we both retreat to our respective chairs and say nothing for hours. It's not a bad scene; just a strange scene. If we weren't accustomed to spending so much time with one another and seldom seeing anyone else, we'd probably go crazy.

I mentioned this to Sweetie tonight and he said, "When TSHTF and modern society comes to a screeching halt, we'll say, 'Welcome aboard!' " How true!

He hitched a ride to his sister's today to see his mom. When he returned he looked different so I asked if his mom had passed on. "No," he said. "She has the death rattle now." So maybe yet tonight ...

We walked next door to the pole barn so he could start the backhoe/loader to clean our driveways. I unlocked his mom's house and plugged in the frig and turned on the water heater. Probably this weekend, the place will be packed full of people again. Before shutting the door, I looked around the room and recalled the card games his mom and I had played at the dining table; the meals I fixed in that tiny kitchen; the times I had to adjust her remote control because she couldn't read the buttons; and all the times I complained about her having the volume up so high. I feel kind of stupid about that now.

It's sad to see a life end. It's kind of haunting too because as one ages you're reminded of how close to the end your life is.

I suppose this is a natural reaction. We rush around "taking care of business" while our lives slip away. We wait for the things we've attached importance to: a move to the country; Spring to arrive so you can plant the garden; the trip north to see your kids and grandkids; the SS deposit in the checking account; the Ebay auction to end; the MRI and CT scans and blood work to reveal the progression of your ailment; the bi-weekly phone call from your father; the chainsaw to be repaired; the leg cramps to stop so you can sleep; the anniversary of the day we met; the funny emails from your favorite grandchild; and back rub and a tender good night kiss.

And in amongst all those times you have moments of boredom, and restlessness, and questioning, and anger, and fear, and impatience, and love, and sorrow. And often you think the day the day will never end or the month is just dragging on. Then, if by magic, one day you realize several years have gone by. And you wonder how you could have been so restless while waiting...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life Without Wheels

This is day six without a working vehicle. Thus far, the only thing we've needed a vehicle for is to go visit Sweetie's mother.

I haven't thought much about the truck and Sweetie's had some exercise by walking next door to his mother's pole barn to work on his tractor. So, there is a silver lining in every cloud!

I've noticed we have a new routine after breakfast. We sit in our respective chairs - usually each with a cat on our lap - and talk. I've heard lots of stories from Sweetie about his old life; a few observations regarding his son; a few rants about his sister the bitch; and then we've discussed homestead projects.

We need to rebuild part of the woodshed and have plans to build a small shed for the lawn tractor and mowers. Both projects will utilize our scrap lumber pile. Then he said he's decided to sell some of the hundreds of tools he has! We checked Ebay and Craigslist and decided we'll first hold a Spring tool sale. If there's any leftovers, we'll try Ebay or Craigslist.

I've challenged myself to cook some different meals. Yesterday it was chop suey - with mushrooms for Sweetie. Tonight it's red beans and rice and tomorrow it's scalloped potatoes and ham. The great thing about a well stocked pantry is having variety!

I walked TWO MILES yesterday and came home all tuckered out. Slept like a baby last night. Good thing too, because I tripped while carrying firewood and landed on my stomach over the basket of wood with my left hand bent backwards beneath me. Ouch!!!

Sweetie was holding the door open so he helped me up. Once inside, I got out the FROZEN hand towel (stored in a gallon zip lock bag) and wrapped it around my hand. Yes sireeeee! Another one of my obsessive/compulsive habits. After about 35-40 minutes I slowly began to move the hand which had about a 1/4" of swelling in one spot. Today it's; no pain, no swelling.

This morning Sweetie's brother called and said he may have located an engine for the truck. We'll know more later today. If his brother picks it up, he'll bring it down in the back of his truck when he comes for his mother's funeral. She's still hanging on so who knows when we'd get the engine. His brother is charging the engine to his credit card and said not to worry about the cost just now. We've given him car/truck parts and used mobile home skirting; cut firewood while visiting there; and passed along a few other things when we can so what goes around does come around!!

In the meantime, Sweetie has relied on the kindess of neighbors to get him to his mom's - and his sister continues to do what she knows best - bitch. I just keep reminding myself that her day of reckoning will come.

I read somewhere that the average American has less than a week's worth of food in their house so we'd be starving by now. Thankfully we're preppers!!!!

Well, it's time to do the dishes (horrors of horrors two days worth!) and then take a walk. Keep prepping folks. Treesong

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tick, tick, tick...

According to Reuters, "The global economic crisis has become the biggest near-term U.S. security concern, sowing instability in a quarter of the world's countries and threatening destructive trade wars, U.S. intelligence agencies reported on Thursday."

And this can only get worse. Why?

First, we're still the hogs of the world, consuming more resources than any country on earth. And we're still so spoiled - though heavily indebted - that many of us will still be demanding the necessities of life. By necessities I mean flat screen TVs, Ipods, cell phones, the daily Starbucks, a shower and shave every day, three meals and plenty of snacks every day - most of which is take-out, pre-packaged, microwaveable crap because "I'm too busy" or "It's so easy..." Truth be told, a whole generation coming up now doesn't know how to cook, let alone read the directions on Easy Mac.

Second, or maybe first, hungry/unemployed/disillusioned people are dangerous people.

Third, the continuing publicity of the government/Fed's desperate attempts to prop up the Ponzi scheme has eroded confidence and frustrated the masses. Millions of people, who've lost their version of the American Dream, have no tolerance for jet-setting, bonus heavy moguls who refuse to answer simple questions.

Fourth, overpopulation, coupled with dwindling resources or the means to extract/move/produce them, is a time bomb.

Tick, tick, tick...

Everyone Should Read This Blog

No, not mine! I'm talking about Coyoteprime's blog at

Two posts there today essentially tell it like it is without burying you in graphs and charts. The first, The Economy: Another Year of Shock and Awe," is from Doug Casey's blog. The second post, "The Economy: Extending the Timeline," is from the internationalforecaster's blog.

Read them and weep - for what this country has lost and will continue to loose. And no, I'm not talking about losing easy credit or McMansions.

I'm sick to death with the bailout buffoons. The ship began sinking long ago but most of us only notice a little moisture around the edges of our pampered feet.

It's time to get to higher, safer ground as you watch the unbelievers wallow in the stench of rotting promises.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Of Deodorant, Walking and Dependency

Have you ever wondered how much is left in the push-up tubes of solid deodorant? Well, you know me, my inquisitive mind had to know! So, I pulled the remainder out of the tube and discovered I had 1-1/2" of deodorant left!! It comes out of the tube on a small cylinder with a plastic tray holding the product. I just turned the whole thing over and sat the deodorant in the lid. The cylinder works as an applicator and the lid keeps the product from gathering dust. Works for me!

It's raining here today so I'm not out walking but I have been stretching in preparation. Now, if the ol' MS will stay away awhile, I may eventually make the four mile hike around our block. That's the goal anyway. Time will tell.

I was out walking after a late supper last night and two people offered me a ride. Guess the word has passed that the truck's down. Or maybe it was because I was carrying a plastic bag. This is the prime time of year to pick up returnable cans. There are about 20 hunting camps on the two track past us and all winter long their owners and visitors litter the roadside. Yesterday's haul was $3.70. When more snow melts there will be more to pick up. I have no vanity and no shame and will gladly pick them up.

Being without a working vehicle has led me to consider what life without motorized transportation would be like. That horse drawn wagon I could have bought last summer for $300 would have been a deal. Of course, then we'd need the horse or mule - and all the care that goes with them!

If we lived in town we'd have easy access to the doctor, hospital, library and the grocery store. We wouldn't pay for vehicle insurance, repairs and gas. However, we'd have houses within 20 feet of a window, noise, more crime, less privacy and higher utility bills. No matter how I figure it, the thought of town living makes me sick.

Last night we talked about our quandary and decided that once the truck's repaired, we need to acquire an alternate means of transportation. I've stressed the need to have back ups and all the while we were without a second vehicle! Just goes to show, somewhere there's always a hole!

Up for consideration are: a used dune buggy, used motorcycles or scooters, power assist bicycles, or an old beater car like I used to have. There are pros and cons to each and of course the money needed to acquire one. I called my youngest son and asked him to keep an eye out for a used vehicle so we'll see what develops. Problem is, he's about 400 miles north of us but, he often picks up cars for as little as $100 - which is what the 1997 Oldsmobile cost. I drove it for three years and sold it for $425.

After reading all the doom and gloom on the web and watching the news, I'm left wondering how many more people will be without automobiles as the economy crumbles.

Probably a lot.

Can you even begin to imagine this country without motorized transportation? If we lost even a quarter of it life would be VERY different for nearly everyone. Scary thought!

Finally, a big thanks to a couple people who hit the donate button. Wasn't expecting anything but sure appreciate it.

Well, onward and upward, hopefully! Treesong

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Step Forward, Three Steps Backward

We awoke this morning to a call from Sweetie's sister. His mother seemed on her last breath.

He told her we still have no transportation and, of course, the witch gave him a lecture. And, of course, he hung up on her.

Guess it didn't occur to her to send one of the 11 people in the house over here to pick him up. He called a neighbor and asked if they could drive him and they arrived 15 minutes later. I stayed behind, waiting for a call from a potential buyer of our backhoe. He never showed.

Sweetie was gone about three hours and I hear nothing from him. A mind can get to imagining all sorts of things, so I tried to keep busy. About an hour ago, a strange car comes down the drive. An 18-year-old niece delivered Sweetie to our doorstep.

His mother is still hanging on but he was ready to come home. Too many people; too many distractions, he said. He's said his goodbye and now he waits.

The niece complained to him about the condition of our drive. Duh!!! Spring breakup is in full force today. It's 55 degrees, the wind is howling and the snow melt has turned the drive into a stream. We don't live on a hill where every inch of the lawn and drive runs downhill from the front porch like the niece's home. Get over it lady!

Then we get another call about the backhoe. Guy gets directions and we get his cell phone number. And we wait. About 10 minutes ago we get a call.

He's just gone to the bank and discovered his account's been cleaned out! "Probably my wife who finally left the house last night" he says. And we think we're having a rough time!

Sweetie said he didn't know if he should laugh or cry at the way things are going today. "Guy's wife has left him and he's thinking about a backhoe," he says.

"And she probably realized he'd be thinking about a backhoe this morning and beat him to the bank," I said.

So here we sit, still thankful we have one another. Still thankful we have a paid for roof over our head. Still thankful we have a huge supply of groceries and household supplies.

Nothing more to do today except maybe cut a little firewood. We'll see. It's hard waiting for something to break as far as finances go. It's hard too, waiting for a loved one to die.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Garlic - The Good News Today!

Despite the challenges with our transportation, there was good news today.

My cousin sent me a small package containing the LAST of his father's garlic seeds and 10 garlic cloves!!

I IMMEDIATELY used one garlic clove in the sauerkraut we were having tonight. Ahhhh....the aroma, the taste, the pleasure of eating garlic.

I've not bought any garlic cloves in awhile; instead relying on my stash of garlic powder. So, it felt like being gold nuggets to have garlic cloves in the house!

To this year, God willing, I'll continue a family tradition and plant garlic.

My uncle died just before Christmas and his garlic growing wisdom was included in his obituary! Alas, his son does not know what kind of garlic seeds these are but, oh well.

My uncle grew garlic for at least 65 years!!!! About half of his yard was devoted to garlic. He ate garlic sandwiches four or five times a week; put minced garlic in the butter crock; added it to soups, stews, pasta sauces, and most of his home canned vegetables. He carried garlic bulbs in his pockets and snacked on them at will. Braided garlic hung in his basement stairwell and was strung together to trim the Christmas tree!

Relatives swapped garlic tales at his wake and a few garlic bulbs will be planted at his grave site this fall. Gilroy, California may be the garlic capitol of the world but pales in comparison to the memories of my uncle and his garlic!

I am so honored and privileged to have received these seeds and cloves. God Bless garlic!!!!

Austerity Measures

Well, we've run out of gas, so to speak. We're flat busted. The used engine Sweetie bought for the truck has given us nothing but grief and we're without wheels again.

He stomped in the door about supper time, huffing and puffing. Had walked a mile and a half from the crossroads. After resting a spell he called the neighbor and asked him to go down and pull the truck off the road with our backhoe. Sweetie's emphysema/COPD has taken its toll and he's asleep now in his recliner. I doubt he has the energy to walk to the bedroom and I'm not about to disturb him.

After spending $100 for his son's bus ticket to come up here to see his grandmother, the remainder of our cash went for another truck part (what escapes me just now) and a full tank of gas. I didn't realize all the cash was gone but, a $50 bill wouldn't have made a difference in this situation anyway.

Some of his SS is in the checking account but, that has to pay lights and phone later this month.

I haven't a clue as to what we'll do but, you know what? I ain't worrying about it. I truly believe things happen for a reason and it's how we respond to them that matters.

Being the pragmatic, resourceful, contented person that I am, I know that wringing our hands, bitching, scheming, or complaining won't change the situation. 'Course, I could have adopted this attitude with Sweetie's son, but hey, I'm also human. Adversity and I have met many times and I'm still here!

The friend we previously borrowed a vehicle from has left for Arizona - and sold that vehicle - so that option's out. The only thing we'd need a vehicle for is for Sweetie to drive six miles to see his mom. Somehow, she's still hanging on and was asking for him today, so he went for a visit. Otherwise, he would have stayed home. He's been skipping a day here and there. I think it's become harder for him to see his mom slipping away. He sits for hours just staring out the window.

So, My response to the "no truck" news was to futher tighten the belt. We'll be cutting back in the following ways: A package of 4-5 bratwurst will be stretched to two meals; peanut butter and crackers instead of peanut butter and bread; the furnace has been turned off and will not be turned back on; called the phone company and cancelled the high speed Internet - saves $19 a month; no more canned cat food or dog food after our supply is gone; there's one light on in the living room at night now, instead of two or three; the TV's on from 5-7 p.m. and 10-11:30 p.m. (TV's on a power strip and shut off when not in use); water heater turned down another 10 degrees; dish water heated on the wood stove; all cooking on wood stove, thought oatmeal is microwaved (even though it's rolled oats, not the instant crap).

I know none of these measures is going to put money in our hands anytime soon. But I feel better just doing something!

Thank God, I'm an obsessive/compulsive person who enjoys finding more ways to conserve, so none of these measures bother me.

We have a couple credit cards but will do just about anything not to use them. How would we pay them off?

So, $654 a month, plus food stamps, will have to do. Life could be worse, you know. We could be homeless!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wasted Time; Wasted Talent - A RANT

Sweetie's son called here today and told his father about his new digs. As expected, he's already critical. "Can you believe they don't have a computer here?" he said. And, "Everyone stays in their rooms most of the day and night. Won't be much conversation here!"

Sweetie had told him he was moving in with three people who have a long-established routine. But, of course, this fell on deaf ears.

His son has moved in with his 60 year-old mother and her two brothers. One brother is about 400# and mostly bedridden; the other brother is in his mid 50's and recently out of work. His mother's job has been cut from 7-days a week to four days a week. She and another brother own the 4-bedroom, 2 bath ranch in a tiny town with no grocery and the party store closed last year. There is a gas station and grain elevator, post office, and a school. Yippee! This ought to excite his son no end after a week - or less.

So then he mentions the food. "The fridge is full of TV dinners, booze, pop and bologna, bread and mustard and ketsup." According to him, breakfast is either cereal, prepackaged sausage gravy over canned biscuits or toast, or oatmeal.

I'd be sick of the menu in a week.

So about an hour ago he calls back. Told him his Dad was napping so he unloads on me. Wrong thing to do.

I listened for awhile and then cut him off. "Do you realize that, for the most part, everyone in this world lives their lives the way they see fit. They have their habits and quirks and likes and dislikes and that's just human nature."

He does the classic, "Well, if they'd just consider for a moment..." To which I said, "Maybe you ought to take your own advice." To which he said, "Well, I'll call back later and talk to my DAD!!

This 43-year-old, self centered, techno nerd is staying in their home; eating their food; being kept warm by the heat they pay for; and watching satellite TV courtesy of them.

He contributes absolutely nothing but criticism to the mix. He has no money, no income and no concept of reality.

He had a leg amputated about a year ago and applied for SS disability. No SS checks yet so he's resorted to playing the "poor me" sympathy card.

They guy's a computer whiz who could, if he applied himself, be swamped with calls for computer repair and programming work.

He's earned a few bucks doing this - but only sporadically when he wants to buy another computer game, DVD or cigarettes.

Some people!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I can already hear the quiet....

Sweetie's son is being picked up by his mother this afternoon. Answered prayer!

Guess I just don't do well around other people's dramas. 'Course it's never far away 'cause Sweetie's sister is five miles away. He sees her every day now in order to visit his mother. Today was my first visit there...I really didn't want to go but he insisted and we were on our way to town anyway.

I'm sure the bitch has fumigated the place and asked the Catholic priest to come over and exorcise the evil spirits I left behind! Ha, ha.

Fortunately, Sweeties mom was lucid and made a point of saying in front of her daughter: "I'm sooooooooooo glad to see you!"

We went grocery shopping again, this time at Save-A-Lot 'cause got there yet this month with company and all.

MORE price increases! I buy ONE bag of frozen broccoli a month. ONE!! And since last month it had gone up by 30 cents. There were a few great buys so I adjusted my shopping list but still, the same amount of money bought a lot less than last trip.

Next, we stopped at Dollar General. MORE price increases. While waiting in line we gossiped with a gal who used to be a home companion for Sweetie's mom. She's been out of work for over a year; her husband's welding business has lost 48% of its customers; and they have two adult children and their families living with them. Same old story: kids lost their jobs and homes.

One thing this "recession" has done is bring families back together! Who knows, maybe society will witness a great American family healing. One can always hope!

I told Sweetie I mentioned what a bad biker guy he used to be. He said, "I hope you didn't go into too much detail. You never know who's reading those blogs."

I knew he had been a bad ass. Just didn't know how bad!!! Let's just say he's proof that people can change!

Well, Sweetie's son is pacing the floor, anxious to be picked up. While we were shopping he surfed all four of our TV channels. Ever since we came home we've heard about how "abnormal" we are and how he can't wait to get back to "civilization and amenities."

Don't let the door hit you in the ass buddy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Regarding the Comments to My Previous Post

While I appreciate the comments to my previous post, perhaps I should clarify some of what I said.

The relatives were hear from the Detroit area to see Grandma who is dying. NOT a one of them can stand being here and they had to pool their resources for gas to get here. They're all home now - except for Sweetie's son - who's soon moving to leach off his mother because she "has all the amenities". Fine, we say.

I highly doubt a single relative of Sweetie's would come back here in SHTF because they view this area as a vacant form of HEll.

In addition, we plan to be up north sometime this year. If for some reason we're not we are well stocked in guns and ammo and they all know that too!

There are things I haven't said about Sweetie in this blog. One is he is a slightly reformed bad boy biker. He would NOT hesitate to protect us and his middle name is Stealth, if you get my drift.

These people are truly delusional blood suckers but, they'll only try to take advantage of us if they're here. Believe me, most of them - if any - will never make it out of Detroit when the SHTF.

In the meantime, we continue to prep and hope we find a buyer.

Also, we have a garage in the UP that is totally stocked too. Just in case we had to leave here and it was doubtful we could return. Again, we've kept this very low profile - not even my children know of it - and we've stocked it every time we've gone north.

And, as usual, we're the poor people who have prepared for hard times; not the working stiffs who continue to accumulate debt and gadgets and complain about how tough it's getting to maintain the status quo.