Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cougar Country

We've had a Florida cougar/puma/mountain lion in our back yard at the fence line, laying in the bushes for two nights now. Neighbors hounds are going crazy when it appears and both nights we've been woke up by a cat screech unlike anything we've ever heard.

As daylight glow first touches the branches, the big cat leaves.

George figures it's taking advantage of the animals that appear at our compost pile: coon, armadillo, skunk, moles, groundhogs, boars, etc.

Wish we owned a game camera because the show would be interesting.

In other news my Dad arrived in Bradenton in one piece but a bit confused as to why he was there. He didn't recognize his youngest nephew who was there to pick him up and, according to his 95-year-old sister, slept for 14 hours after his flight.

He called here the next morning to tell me about everything he's done in the past month that he would now spend 10 blissful days with his sister. I told him to have a great time. His sister got on the phone and asked when he was coming to our house. I said I hadn't been told he was coming to her house, let alone mine so it was up to him.

She turned to him and asked him when he'd be seeing me & he said, "I just talked to her."

Gotta love family.

Have a great weekend all!


Sixbears said...

A game camera would be great. There aren't a lot of those cougars left in FL.

Good luck with your dad.

Mayberry said...

Just the random coyote around here, heard one yipping and howling nearby last night. There are cougars a couple miles south on the King Ranch though... Family, ain't they grand?