Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play Time

Today we took off in our motor home for a seven hour hiatus from all the work and stress and problems at home.

Did us good.

Second picture is at the Tobacco River where Sweetie tried his luck in the river and Lake Superior. Didn't catch a thing but enjoyed the down time. Our dog Lady basked in the riverbank and followed her master everywhere.

I packed a simple lunch of tuna sandwiches and coleslaw and we breathed in fresh air, got a little sun and talked about some things best discussed away from Dad.

After a couple hours at the Tobacco we drove to Thayer's Lake and took a two track trail to the only shoreline access on the lake. Had the whole place to ourselves. What a treat. Sweetie caught two small perch and snagged a few weeds. One snag was stubborn and he had to wade into the lake to get his line free. AFTER emerging from the lake we realized it would have be wiser to remove his sweatpants as he stepped down into a sink hole. Soooooo...he spent the afternoon in his undershorts while the sweats dried in on a limb. Can you believe Mrs. Preparedness had not brought him a change of clothes? Since doing laundry from our last day trip I had NOT restocked his clothes!!! Oh well.

Enjoy the pictures and have a great day. Treesong

Friday, July 23, 2010

The View From Here

This photo was taken awhile ago on Lake Superior. Reminds me of what we all need to do - Live Free.

It's been awhile since I've felt like posting anything. Between doctor appointments, remodeling the bathroom and picking blueberries the hours have slipped by.

Sweetie's son left here after a 10 day visit - about 8 days beyond his welcome. I'm still airing out the motor home after cleaning the fridge and vacuuming. He ran out of beer two days before he left and was too lazy to drive to town to buy more. Mooching off the neighbors got him one drink and a surly attitude. By day five I resorted to serving grilled cheese or tuna sandwiches and canned soup for supper. Why waste good food on a man who sits at the table while saying nothing and leaves his body odor behind without so much as a thank you?

Despite doctor's orders Sweetie has worked on the bathroom and told the plumber he could "take care of" a few jobs himself. Naturally, they remain undone.

Instead of blowing a gasket I turned my attention to picking blueberries. Today I picked 6# before my back gave out. If I can tolerate bugs, humidity and backaches I should harvest 50# within the next few weeks. Last year blueberries were still blooming here the first week of October. I think this season will be shorter as I've already found leafless plants.

Mayberry has a post about "Starving the Monkey" which coincides with my general attitude of late. To be blunt: piss on the government, the nitwit neighbors and the navel gazers. My focus is on me and my household. Despite the health challenges we'll tough it out and "getter done." This winter when the north winds blow I'll throw another log on the fire, make a pot of chili or stew and gaze at all the provisions we've stockpiled.

What happens with the Gosslins, the Koreans or Iran, the Red Wings, Wall Street, Ford or General Motors, or the crooks at BP won't distract me from living free of insanity.

Basically, there are too many crooks, sheeple and politicians hell bent on ruining the world for me to battle. Better to starve them of my money, time and attention. If enough of us did that they'd cease to exist but I have no illusions of that happening. Insulating myself and disconnecting from the rat race at least gives me peace.

And now I'm going to bed so I can get up early to watch the sunrise over Lake Superior. Take care folks, Treesong

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prayers Answered

The Plumber arrived today. Took time to figure best way to run lines, then made a list of all supplies needed. Says he'll return in the morning.

We have to remove the jetted tub through an opening in the hall wall & bring the walk in shower in the same way before closing up the bump out.

We had one more day to enjoy a hot shower so that was our dinner table conversation. Sweetie and I both looked at his son and said, "You can go first."

He says: "I don't have any clean clothes." Seems he's "simplified" his life to the point of owning four complete changes of clothes.

When I approach the boiling point my eyes have red circles around them and the tone of my voice changes. I speak very slowly and enunciate exactly.

"So take a shower and go nude."

Dad and Sweetie choked on their chicken and his son got incensed. Ten minutes later he returned with his toothbrush and a razor. This time the shower and towel were both wet a was his head. He has not made an appearance since.

Copper Harbor hosts the 7th Annual End 'O the Road Keweenaw Tour & Car Show. My youngest son has a car in the show and we've packed the motor home for a day long trip to the event. Dad has decided to stay here and watch the animals. We're towing the golf cart so we can ride around town and on a few trails.

It's high time we had some R&R.

Thanks all for your prayers. Supposedly next week I'll be able to post pictures. Have a great weekend, Treesong

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Plumber

No surprise there! Good thing I had a blood draw at the hospital lab and another appointment today. Kept me from being an axe murderer!

FYI: we once thought of getting married. And then we both thought of how bad we are at it. Enough said.

Rain here since 2 p.m. Supposed to last through the night. Started feeling cabin fever so I laid down awhile. When I got up 2 hours later Sweetie said, "You have a nice nap?"

Not with the TV volume on 65 so Dad can here it.

It is now nine days since Sweetie's son has had a bath. I will have to fumigate the motorhome when he leaves.

It's a wonderful life. Treesong

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tomorrow's the DAY - Supposedly

Sweetie had to be nearly at death's door before agreeing to hire a plumber to finish the bathroom! A few doctor visits, new medications and some strong words from me helped!

Tomorrow's the day the plumber shows up.


As with most hired help in these parts it's sit and wait and sit and wait some more. He was supposed to start Monday, then Tuesday. Now it's tomorrow.

Sweetie says we'll move the washer and dryer out to the deck once the guy steps through the door. The plumbing and propane will be off for two days so we've all had our showers. The new water heater and walk in shower are in the truck bed backed up to the deck. The bathroom and two lower kitchen cabinets have been packed up and boxes line the living room. Buckets are filled with water and the grill will see lots of service.

Sweetie's son arrived here Monday for a two week stay so he's bunking in the motor home. There are now three men hear who all either are invalids or act like one. Dad's worrying about all the details and called a nephew downstate today. "I think it would be better if I drove down there tomorrow." After they hung up I received an email from cousin. "He's not serious, is he?"

Of course he is! Tomorrow, if he's in the same frame of mind, he'll be hunting for his car keys 'cause he's in no shape to drive!

I have an early morning blood draw, then an appointment with the township assessor. We're selling three acres at the west end of our land - that which surrounds Harley man whose outbuilding encroaches on our land. Our new neighbor to the north - who already owns 43 acres - wants to ensure that there is no hunting or trashing. Because he's of like mind and we've decided to downsize we've agreed to the sale. The money will help pay down our mortgage and we're still left with almost nine acres.

Sweetie's son brought us a Dell laptop with Windows 7. Tomorrow he transfers files from this computer and I'll post lots of tools, the tractor, brush hog and snow blower on Craigslist. More cash to pay down debt or save for future needs.

My worse nightmare is that Sweetie will die before I collect Social Security (if it's around in 6 years). If he passes on before then I am poop up a creek because I have no steady income. This mortgage must be gone!

So that's part of what's going on around here.

Through all these stressful times I'm grateful we're preppers. It's ONE thing I don't have to worry about. Groceries, toiletries and cleaning supplies are crammed in every nook and cranny.

Take care and thanks to all of you for your prayers and so forth. Treesong

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In Limbo

About the only significant change here is the weather. Cooler, Thank God. Me and arthritis don't do well in high humidity. Turned the air conditioner on for two days plus three ceiling fans and a floor fan. Two miserable nights with little sleep.

On the positive side, the blueberries are going gangbusters and I pick about a quart a day. Back hurts and horse flies just find me delicious.

Sweetie's return doctor appointment is Friday. Now has prostrate problems, blocked artery in his neck and very low blood pressure. I, on the other hand, have developed high blood pressure. Can't imagine why.

The lovely brother will be home from Jordan for 30 days but spend ONE night in his home town. So Dad will not have the few day visit with him that he expected. He's keeping a stiff upper lip over this news. I, if given the chance, would kick the shit out of my sibling. Arrogant, self-centered, philandering ass.

The man who bought property next to us has expressed interest in buying some of ours that adjoins us. We'll see what develops.

Given our health issues, I doubt that we will be able to "live the dream" as we originally envisioned it.

At days end, we're still grateful we're together. Now the challenge is to make the necessary adjustments to living life differently than we wanted to/.

Thanks all of you who have emailed and left comments. I really appreciate it. TTYL, Tresong

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Foot In Front Of The Other

Still exhausted.

Managed to weed the cabbage and onions, vacuum and fix a couple meals.

Sweetie keeps getting dizzy spells. Return trip to the doctor tomorrow and hope for an answer.

Dad is becoming more needy and of course everyone is "too busy." At times it reminds me of when my kids were little and I couldn't even go to the bathroom alone. I'm not angry with him anymore for his behavior on our trip. That takes too much precious energy. The changes in him are due to a combination of things so I keep reminding myself, "This too shall pass."

We have made some other decisions that we've decided to let simmer awhile. Time has a way of taking care of things and perspectives often change so decisions have to change with the times.

Have six cords of firewood to stack so I'd best get some rest. My oldest son is coming out next week - he promises - with his plumber friend to finish the bathroom. God, I hope so.

In the meantime I'm sure thankful for our preps. Shopping for anything sounds like insanity right now.

Take care, Treesong