Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Vitality

The shot Sweetie received at the pulmonologist has given him a new spring in his step. The antibiotic pills and two other meds seem to be working wonders too.

Of course, being the stubborn man that he is, he seems to think that his new state of health from wonder working medicine means he can smoke MORE.

There is not a cast iron fry pan big enough to make a dent in his thick skull.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pulmonology Visit

It amazes me how simple diagnostic procedures are not thought of along the process of trying to unravel complicated conditions. And maybe, ignoring the simple, complicates the problem!

As in: Sweetie has COPD & emphazema. Yet it's taken a a PA, a physician, a cardiologist and finally a pulmonologist to LOOK DOWN his throat and say: "You've got an infection!"

An infection that likely has been ongoing for months!

Then he's giving a sputum sample tomorrow; having more blood tests and a sleep study.

And, he has three more meds.

So on we go.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Yearning do I say this?

My dearly beloved Sweetie has talked me into moving - once again!

Not to worry though. We have no funds to do it yet. No firm plans as to exactly where - in FLORIDA - and not great health (just to keep things interesting).

He has always wanted to return to the Sunshine State. He lived there for years, operating his own shrimp boat out of the Hudson area. He loves the Gulf, the climate, the waterways, the memories.

I've been to Florida twice. Once with an ex to Tampa and Sarasota. Burnt my legs by spending too much time walking on asphalt. Got trapped on a dock by a gator. Had a snake in the bathroom. Not a real good first impression for this Northerner.

My second trip was 6-7 years ago for a conference in Ft. Lauderdale where we stayed in a luxury hotel on the beach. Give me a few million and I wouldn't have returned. No worries. Room service. Beautiful weather. Fine dining. Swimming, shopping, golf, spa....

Of course now, I wouldn't stay in that place if you gave me a week free. I was a corporate ladder chaser then. Am a bookworm, artist and all around relaxed (lazy?) retiree who stays in her house dress or shorts and a T-shirt most days.

So....I got this crazy idea.

Why don't we set a goal of buying a houseboat or live aboard motor yacht? It didn't take either of us long to realize it might be the ideal thing for two wanderlusts who're used to living in mobile homes.

Have no idea if this will happen but I can say this: every time I've had an intention; a desire for change; I've immersed myself in dreaming, thinking, planning, investigating and somehow, someway, through a strange yet marvelous turn of events, it has come to pass.

So, if anyone knows of a small houseboat/yacht in great shape but really cheap, let me know. We'd like to spend time on rivers from Steinhatchee, Yankeetown, Crystal River and Tampa to Port St. Lucie.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Skin Cancer Free!

We made another trip to Lansing today for Sweetie to see the dermatologist.

For the first time in five years he is entirely skin cancer free! And he has the scars to prove it! Over 70 spots on his face, neck, ears and a dozen on his arms and back. Multiple incisions and layers removed and a few "diggings" are now over.

Sweetie has a face with character and a smile that stops people in their tracks. And we're so thankful!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oppressive Heat

We're fortunate to have air conditioning and two ceiling fans to keep us comfy in this oppressive heat wave. 86 degrees when we woke up; 92 now. Heat index is near 100 and, according to the weather man, we haven't experienced the worse of the forecast.

I feel for people without air conditioning.

But, knowing this weather was on our way, we checked a few essential supplies. Bottled water in case we lose power and can't use our well. Gasoline for the generator so our a/c, and refrigeration operate. We have a huge oxygen tank capable of operating without power for Sweetie should the need arise.

Last week we bought mulch for our tomato and pepper plants & it's paid off handsomely. I've watered them every 2-3 days and, coupled with the heat, the plants are producing well.

Fortunately, we have only ONE medical appointment this week but it's in Lansing. With that in mind, we've filled the gas tank; have a cooler stocked with drinks & food ready to go; checked engine fluids and four gallons of water are stashed in the trunk.

Called my elderly friend to check on her and she's doing well thus far. We had installed our spare air conditioner in her home a few weeks ago. She said the scanner is full of heat stroke victims; people complaining of dizziness and chest pains and children and pets left in vehicles. Some people never learn.

Should the electric grid go down this is going to spell tragedy for many.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Almost On the River

The guys tweaked a few things on the boat today; gabbed about previous fishing trips; and came onside to rest. Forty-five minutes later the temp had gone up by 12 degrees and the humidity returned after two days of breezes and cooler temps.

One suggested they should check the tackle boxes. Off to the pole barn they went. Have an hour later they're back inside, sweating and wearing long faces.

"You must have misplaced my tackle boxes," Sweetie says.

"No, I didn't. They're on the left hand side of the garage, near the front door under some of your junk."

They look at one another and say in unison: "We've looked all over that garage."

You do know how this story ends, right?

After supper I went opened the back door, stood on the steps and looked straight at the tackle boxes.

Brought them inside and sat them on Sweetie's lap.

"They were BENEATH everything you had moved while looking for them."

Then we made a trip to Walmart to buy licenses. Another hilarious event that I may share later.

Tomorrow's the big day. My girlfriend and I pray they have a safe, successful trip on the river. We'll take pictures to prove it actually happened.

Until then, have a great evening.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Water Bound Again

Sweetie just couldn't resist. I'm hoping he's be inspired to take better care of himself so he can enjoy it several times this year.

We stopped by a friend's on our way home from picking up the boat, he remarked: "My cousin just sold this same model, about the same age for $2400 with trailer."

We paid $850 CASH.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

As Independence Day Approaches

I've been reminded several times this week of how dependent, disrespectful and unmotivated our society is.

Since Monday:

New acquaintances received a 14 day notice to vacate their home from his step son - after moving into the place six months ago at the stepson's urging so it wouldn't be foreclosed. Their last house payment was THREE days late (no late charge incurred at the bank) and the couple had maintained the place spotlessly. The son's rich girlfriend suggested they occupy the house because it's larger than her condo. So a 40-something couple with two girls ages 6 & 13 may be homeless by July 11th. Reasonable rentals are in short supply here and they have no down payment to buy a place.

My former step daughter's son was released from jail after serving 18 months for larceny, assault and fleeing police. He's on a tether and banned from entering either of our twin communities. Last night he broke into his grandfather's home; stole money, food, keys to the ATV and ran the machine into the river. When apprehended he spit at the cops and cursed his parents. His mother, crying, asked what his problem was. "None of you ever cared whether I had a car, a nice house or money when I was in high school." No thought of working during high school; helping out at home; saving money or treating anyone with respect. It's all about HIM.

Meanwhile, my GM retiree acquaintances, told the local barber I'm in dire need of money. NOT true. But the barber, who helps all sorts of folks, handed me a stack of her business cards. "Here, write your name on the back of each & pass them out to your friends. For every one that's redeemed, I'll give you $10." Obviously a nice offer from a person who genuinely cares but it's the GM retirees who need money! Instead of examining their spending habits, they got jealous of my painting for haircut barter deal at the barber's. Their solution was to spread a rumor and try to embarrass me.

My father returned home after his "Secret Trip" and visited my sister-in-law. He claimed he'd "hitched a ride" with my daughter - who brought her youngest to a music camp in Mid-Michigan. When sister-in-law asked if he'd gone anywhere else he lied. "No, just stopped in for coffee with Sheila." In fact, he was an hour north of us for three days, then went to E. Lansing for lunch with a cousin and visited her husband in the nursing home. This is the father who lived with us in the U.P. The father who calls once a month and says he's not well enough to travel and complains that everyone there ignores him. Sweetie is so pissed he screens our calls & says not to answer if my father calls here.

Stopped at my elderly friend's to pick up her grocery list and repair her screen window. She lives in a mobile home park of about 60 homes. The ONE time I did not lock the car, someone helped themselves to the bag of bananas, lettuce, tomatoes and a library book. In broad daylight.

Our local food pantry is begging for donations and volunteers. One man we know of got a box of groceries from them; took them to his druggie daughter and traded dope for food. The reason we know is we were across the hall donating a recliner to an elderly man. The druggie daughter came to his door and offered to give us groceries for money at which the old man screamed at her. "You're not getting money here to buy your crap!"

After this week, I'd like to hibernate for six months. Wonder how much worse the world will be by December.