Monday, June 18, 2012

Rawles & Ol Remus Make Sense

Two blogs I highly recommend are Survival Blog by James Wesley Rawles and Ol Remus and the Woodpile Report.

Remus posts once weekly, generally by Tuesday. Today he referenced Rawles post on 20 Reasons ... basically what the immediate effect will be on everyone when a bank holiday occurs.

I learned a few things: those dependent on EBT cards (not us) will be out of luck as they're basically a debit card cleared through the same place as bank business.

I'm a bit foggy today so haven't included a link, etc. but look both blogs up. Worth every word in my opinion.

In other news, the latest shenanigans regarding immigration for 16-30 year old illegals is another nail in the coffin of legal US residents.

I've been away from the "news" for a few days & it's only degraded more in my absence.

And in further news, the doc's office was kind enough to give me samples of Aricept until the drug company decides if I qualify for a free or greatly reduced prescription.

So I'm not a welfare or Medicaid recipient but I'll gladly accept some help from the drug company. They have room in their bonus structure. Again, in my humble opinion.

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