Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gulf Sitting

In our new Florida life we either porch sit or Gulf sit.

Not hard to take when you're watching cardinals tempt Kitty Kitty while we sip coffee and savor the breeze on our screened porch.

Not hard to take when you're lawn chairs overlook the boat ramp and your cooler & thermos are nearby. Watching people fish, talking to strangers, helping someone get their boat & trailer lined up, eating a sandwich & sipping a refreshing drink, watching the stars or once in awhile casting a line are the best entertainment.

Sweetie said today: "When was the last time I watched TV?"

Told him I don't know but it sure is nice not to!

A 26# Drum Fish was one bit of excitement at the dock today. Last night the Coast Guard sped into the ramp, unloaded their boat & took of for parts unknown. We were there five hours & they still had not returned.

Today, two speeding boats capsized another boat containing three fuel barrels they'd off loaded from a shrimp boat gone aground near the channel.

And here's a pic of three men from Ocala with their catch: two Red fish and a sea trout. Always something interesting at the Gulf!


Sixbears said...

Got that right. There is always something interesting in the Gulf.

westside mom said...

New title, The View From Treesong's Porch!

Enjoying your posts!

HermitJim said...

Sounds like the right kind of excitement to me!

Glad you are getting a chance to enjoy things, my friend!