Friday, October 21, 2011

Company's Cooking

Our friends from the Flint area arrived Wednesday afternoon & we've done little but laze around since. I'm fighting a cold and aching muscles. Her husband's got vertigo and the weather's been miserable. Hard frost tonight and nearly non-stop rain since they arrived.

One blessing has been she's done all the cooking! We seldom eat out so having someone else make their version of chili, beef & provolone sandwiches on pumpernickel or pumpkin pie has been a treat.

Our freezer is full so tomorrow we'll clean up leftovers. If the weather warms to 55, we may venture down to the fish ladder & fish. None of us can tolerate cold weather just now so the warmer it is the better, regardless of whether the fish are biting.

In other news, there was a spirited discussion here this morning about the president's Jobs Bill. It ended when I asked them all to pipe down and take their discussion outside.

I received news of a second cousin dying in Texas while being hit on his motorcycle by an 18-wheeler. He leaves three young children. His parents have passed on & his wife is in drug rehab.

This email was followed by a Facebook message from another cousin who's trying to recruit me for housecleaning jobs for the clients she can't cover. It's something I'll have to think about. I haven't worked for four years or more and want nothing to do with retail, management, waitress or dealing with more than one or two people. In addition, my multi-tasking ability has nearly evaporated. Then there's the medical problems with Sweetie and our dog and the unpredictable course of MS and fibromyalgia. Yet, it may be good for me to do something outside our home that isn't high pressure yet gives me some income. My cousin supports herself quite well cleaning six homes. Two are in the Gaylord area and four in Wixom where she used to live. She drives from her northern home to Wixom once a week and stays overnight at her daughters, cleaning three homes each day before driving north.

Once again, we'll see what develops.

Meanwhile, it's great to have company who feel comfortable enough to lounge in pajamas, clean their bathroom before they leave and prepare meals.

Need to get some rest. Hope you all have a great weekend.


Bustednuckles said...

I'm glad you had some company, cleans the bathroom too?!

Sorry to hear about your cousin, it sounds like his kids are going to have a hard time growing up.

Watch out for your self, don't be over doing it.

I have a lot going on too but I like to see someone else with spunk stick a middle finger to the world also.

Good on ya.

Anonymous said...

Now those are the kind of guests one is glad to have around!B.