Sunday, August 7, 2011

They Don't Want To Leave

A reminder of how fortunate we are is our friends visiting from Flint. Once again, they don't want to go home.

Sweetie had some bullets that work in our friend's pistol. The friend says he feels "at least a bit safer knowing I can shoot the next person who tried coming through the window." They live in a ground floor apartment.

They have a huge dog and themselves squeezed into 500 square feet. They're in view of the expressway and they have no choice in who they're neighbors are or boundaries like a fenced yard or acreage.

They don't eat as well as we do and have no place for their dog to be let loose. This is their third trip here in less than two months & their dog now begins whining and jumping around BEFORE they ever turn down the road to our place.

Today they had to pick up a couple medical items from our local hospital because they'd run short on something for his IV pic line. She returned praising the hospital's courteous, quick service and ease of parking. We joked that they're welcome to stay here when we go to Florida...

Yup, there's always someone else who has greater challenges than we do.


Sixbears said...

Sometimes we have to count our blessings. At least your friends have a good place to visit.

Anonymous said...

Just what I was thinking as I was reading.......prostpective buyers for your place. B.