Friday, August 26, 2011

Are You a Giver or Taker?

A friend nearby has experienced illness, family death and her husband's layoff in the past 90 days.

She and her family are great people; helpful, courageous and always helping out. The trials that come with living have hit them hard lately and now others are stepping up to help them.

They home school their four children; grow a garden and volunteer for several events. She does seamstress work to bring in extra money. His unemployment benefits were delayed over a "clerical error," and their youngest child requires lots of medications and a strict diet.

They're frugal people by nature but even they are now experiencing shortages and discovering where their prepping holes are. For the first time ever she went to the local food pantry. There was little available there due to a funding cut and low donations. We have a lot of preps so I filled boxes with food and dropped them off. The next weekend at the community wide yard sales she offered me free cinnamon rolls. I accepted, then dropped off more groceries.

I'd planned a gallery tour, dinner and fused glass class for a group of young people. She said her daughter would be unable to attend. I said, "Oh, her spot is already paid for." Of course her daughter was excited. Her mom had tears in her eyes.

"I have to tell you, out of everyone we know around here, you've been the most generous," she said. "It's strange because so many think you're so broke. Maybe you are, but you still give."

You bet we do! Contrary to the rumor mill - started by a former "friend," we're not broke. We're frugal.

Unless you are homeless; without a dime to your name; and have not ONE possession, you can give to others. I believe that with every fiber of my being. I've lived it. And there is no excuse for not giving to others. NONE.


Sixbears said...

Good post -and so true. Thank you.

Bustednuckles said...

You are a good woman my dear.
My pleasure to have found you.

SHARON said...

So true, so true. It does feel SO good to give, even if you don't have much. Somehow, you never miss it.

HossBoss said...

Good for you, Treesong! I hope some of the trials the family has been facing will be resolved soon. But in the meantime, I know the kindness you have shown them has nourished their souls as much as the food has nourished their bodies. I'll add my prayers to theirs and yours that their troubles will be short lived.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Good on ya, Tree! Many a greasy hand and busted knuckle I've given to folks to help them out of their mechanical woes. And my wife is quick to help folks as well, even though we don't have much.

Anonymous said...

That is a "thumbs-up" Tree!! We are the same. People look at us and don't think we could help because we are frugal and don't have the toys. We "choose" not to have the toys!
Quiet Granny

Practical Parsimony said...

Have you ever noticed that people who seem to have little always give generously? The people who are obviously doing well often just give little and resent that. I always can give. And, I probably have less than most people around.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing what you DO have. B.