Monday, August 8, 2011

Already Missing Our Place

Our visitors from Flint are already "homesick" for our place.
After two nights of not sleeping because her hubby was restless, they both need a knock out pill and things MIGHT look better.

I suggested she spend more time in the community pool or they visit a park a couple times a week. Anyone holed up in a small city apartment has got to feel caged.

Meanwhile, after more than a week of feeling like a new man, Sweetie's oxygen level dropped & he's back on oxygen. It's cooler here this morning & he's anxious to work outside but I cautioned against it.

In the interim, Fox TV keeps him occupied. I pay little attention to it but did here Alan Simpson speak - one of the few who has wisdom and guts enough to speak truthfully. Too bad the administration and Congress didn't heed his committee's advice.


Anonymous said...

Smoking more will do that, don't you think?
He doesn't smoke while actually using the oxygen, he could blow all of you up?
His infection may not have went away all the way and may need another course of antibiotics.
Hope all his affairs are in order. I guess he is ready to go...'cause he is still smoking?
Sounds like a skillet isn't going to hold him back either. It'd probably dent if you had a big one
anyway. :) I'm on your side. Oh, heck, there isn't a your is just common sense. Hope you are doing well. B.

treesong said...

Hello B. YES, he still smokes & with the oxygen on!!!

He was prescribed FOUR rounds of azithromyacin (Z-pack) and has finished two.

No matter what one says or does, he continues to smoke. The pulmonologist told him it's not the cigs that are killing him - it's the smoke!!!!! So we picked up the smokeless tobacco he recommended. It remains untouched. He's stubborn and addicted beyond belief. It's his choice but it affects me...something that still doesn't sink into his thick skull.

It is what it is. I live with it the best I can.

Anonymous said...

Look it up and show him...he really can blow you all up !!!!!