Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Forgot the List & My Memory Kicked In!

Today was errand day and once again I left the homestead without my list.
Never even thought of the list until my fourth stop which was checking on my elderly friend. Left her home without making a list. Miracles of miracles, I got everything and thought of other things we needed and came home feeling like I'd had a successful brain transplant!

Proudly unpacked everything; fed the dog; cleaned the cat litter box; read the mail; folded clean clothes & put them away; picked tomatoes and started supper.

Sweetie comes in the door and says: "How much did my meds cost this time?"

"Meds? What meds?" I asked.

Then it was his turn. "Oh, oh. Guess I forgot to tell you I needed three refills."

At least he didn't insist he HAD told me and accused me of forgetting!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good for you !!!
Once I write it down, I tend forget it because I depend on the list...not helpful though, when you FORGET the list, which I do.
I guess Sweetie doesn't do lists? B.