Friday, October 8, 2010

A Week of Changes

As I posted earlier, the winds of change have been blowing and I knew something was in the works.

While visiting downstate, I followed my desire to return to a familiar area by lookin at real estate. I looked in a tiny village, then considered the nearby town of Ionia.

I also toured my elderly friend's home and knew instantly this was NOT the place. I talked to Sweetie that evening and told him of looking at my friend's home. He said, "I need a pole barn and five acres to drive my tractor around."

This was my first clue that he just might be changing his mind. Hmmm.

After four days of looking I decided to wander country roads. I'd told myself I'd turn down any road that had a real estate sign.

The very first road had NO signs but I turned down it anyway. Sixth-tenths of a mile later I came upon a for sale by owner sign. It said: "Mobile home, pole barn and five acres."

I sat there and cried for a couple minutes, gathered my senses and called the owner's number. The woman was bound for Chicago and would return in two days. Once I toured the place I was amazed at how God had heard my prayers. Both bedrooms are larger than what we have now and a bedroom and bath flank each end of the home. The layout is like none I've ever seen and there's more storage that I've ever had. The parcel is a long 5 acres with 168 feet of road frontage bordered by a corn field to the north and forest to the south. A two-track leads up a small incline beyond some woods by the pole barn and to a field where deer gather. Following that road I thought to myself, "this could be my after dinner walk." Twas a nice feeling.

The attached mud room will come in handy when Sweetie comes in from the pole barn where he will be able to drive his tractor inside thanks to the full-height sliding door. A deck off the living room looks out at perennial flowers, lilac bushes, raspberries and blackberries. Aside from removing the kitchen wall paper and rebuilding the deck, there is nothing to do.

We drive downstate next week so Sweetie can see the place. He's drooled over the pictures and spent the last few days "thinking about what to pack in the U-haul."

We emailed the man who wanted to buy the three acres and he's signing a Purchase Agreement and sending us a deposit next week for the whole place. We've also received an offer on the property downstate that we sold on a land contract.

If that sells we'll be out of debt and have a tidy nest egg.

Our only remaining challenge is what to do about Dad. We've decided not to say anything until all the ink has dried and the results of his CAT scan are in.

I pray my father will realize he needs to live in town where he's surrounded by my sisters and my children. He craves attention and action and we're either tired or too sedate at this point. I think we're all in need of a change.

If things have worked out thus far the rest will too.

Sweetie accepts the fact that his health no longer permits working on constant remodeling/repair projects. Living within a mile of a small grocery, gas station, library and medical clinic would be advantageous and best of all we have wonderful neighbors. The road is a mile long and includes three retired couples, one Black Angus farm next door, a 30-ish couple with two kids, and a 48 year old single man who winters in Florida.

So now The View From Treesong's will have a difference perspective!


Anonymous said...

I applaud you for using your intuition and for having faith. Your blog is warm and wonderful, as I imagine you to be. It's great fun to follow along with you and Sweetie and all your changes...keep it goin' on, girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

WOW...what a whirlwind.
Good to hear from you.
Like you said the rest will work out also. I have found this to be so on very many occasions in my life. If it is meant to be(and it sounds like a smooth transition so far)then it will be. Good luck on whatever you decide. Keep bloggin' , we enjoy all your adventures. B.

HermitJim said...

I certainly hope that this turns out to be just what the doctor ordered, and that the process all runs smooth for you!

Good thoughts coming your way, my friend!

SciFiChick said...

I am so very happy for you both. I will admit I had tears in my eyes when I read this. Tears of happiness for you both. God DOES work in his own way. Sometimes we just have to get out of his way!

Mayberry said...

Looks sweet. I saw a similar place near me and fell instantly in love. I could do a lot with the 40x65 metal barn there. Has a similar mobile on 4 acres with a $55K pricetag. Lord, I wish I could get the wife to consider it....

Stephanie said...

Praying it all goes off without a hitch for you. You deserve some peace:)

Bustednuckles said...

Oh! Honey!

I have been off line and all I can say is I will pray for you in earnest.


Ornery Bastard,