Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Winds of Change

They're blowing. I can feel it in my soul.

Of course, life is never static, but I've lived long enough to recognize the signs. I have my private meditation/prayer time every day and "unexpected" things are happening.

My elderly friend near Ionia, MI. called and confessed she thinks her time to leave this world is approaching. She really needs new legs or a wheelchair and like she says, "the first option is too expensive and the second is too depressing." She then said she feels depressed - a startling admission from a woman who's been the backbone of her family.

It so happens my father wants to make another trip to Mt. Pleasant to spend a week with his professor friend. I'm dropping him off in about a week and continuing on to Ionia. I called my friend to confirm my visit and she said, "you'll never believe this but my old place is up for sale."

She's right. I thought her current home was for sale and she'd decided to move in with a family member or go to the nursing home. I hate the thought of either and so does she.

Now she's dreaming of her old place and half-jokingly tried to talk us into buying it. "And if you can't move here right away maybe I could stay there until you get here."

Strange how my night time dreams at least partially come true. Sweetie, who's adverse to moving downstate but will move to Florida, was actually interested in reviewing the realtor's photos online. He asked a few questions and has been quiet ever since - a sign his gray matter is processing a few things.

In the meantime, we continue to work on things here and plan for the trip. Sweetie thus far says he's not joining us - unless he has a funeral to attend or a fat check to pick up from the sale of his mom's home.

So, like everything else in life, time will tell.

Today, I'm cleaning closets, donating to Goodwill and picking up the supplies for International Coastal Cleanup Day. I have a four mile stretch of beach to clean between now and October 2. Anyone want to join me?


Mayberry said...

We have 80 miles of Gulf beach to clean, and who knows how many miles of bay shoreline here. I stopped shore fishing because I was so disgusted with the slobs who fished there and left all their trash. It got to where I was spending more time picking up garbage than fishing...

Stephanie said...

Lots of changes here too:) Thankfully all good for the moment. If the kids and I lived closer, we would gladly come help clean the beach:)


Anonymous said...

YES YES YES YES........when are you is do dang hot here right now......i would love the natural air conditioned break,
Alas , the 19 hour trip makes it impossible right now.