Sunday, October 24, 2010

Developments Since 10/14/10

The Buyer's deposit was delayed until Monday thanks to electronic snafus.

The people in our family - who've had little to do with us or my father - threw a tizzy over the nerve of us moving and "abandoning" my Dad.

We packed our truck full to the side walls Sweetie had built and hitched the golf cart on its trailer behind it. The motor home starter gave out 50 miles later at a gas station and we developed a fuel line leak to boot.

We had no other mishaps until the golf cart windshield flew off near the Lewiston exit. About 23 miles later a State Police car had stopped a car on the right shoulder so traffic merged to the left lane. Sweetie did likewise, promptly pulling in front of an 18-wheeler traveling at 70 mph while he did 55 mph. Four cars behind the 18 wheeler braked hard headed for the right hand lane where I was. I closed my eyes and said, "Lord, if this is my time, fine."

When I opened my eyes, the four cars where stopped in the left and right lanes; Sweetie was back in the right lane oblivious to it all, and the 18 wheeler was way ahead of the whole mess. I, on the other hand, was about to run into the back of a pick up as I had not braked at all!!!

At the first St. Johns exit, north of Lansing, I drove 25 mph on a side street in front of Sweetie in the motor home. Within 300 feet, the trailer detached from the ball hitch, a chain broke too and the tongue slid beneath the truck. I pulled over, thankful that we weren't traveling 55-65 mph on the highway.

We arrived at the new place just before night fall and couldn't find the key that had been hidden. A few phone calls and half an hour later we were inside. While waiting for entry Sweetie walked around the buildings and yard. His only remark was, "it's too close to the road."

We spent four days working on the place, unpacked and shared three meals with friends. It was wonderful to be in an area where people were looking forward to seeing us. By the second day we knew we'd made the right choice. Sweetie liked the road, the field, the neighbors and the convenience of an 16 mile round trip to Tractor Supply or Menards versus the 240 mile round trip we used to travel.

We arrived here last night and the family dramas have continued since. My sister-in-law had taken my father for a tour of an assisted living facility. He like the place, turned in his application and deposit and picked up a change of address form from the post office.

While my SIL was gone to a neighbor's to pick up some homemade jam, my ex showed up at her home and completely undid the previous arrangements. When she came home she found my ex sitting at her kitchen table with three empty beers. He said he "had taken care of everything" for Dad and he would be moving in with my daughter's boyfriend. The fireworks soon flew and the ex soon left.

My father said nothing at all but left the house while she was in the shower the next morning. He went to my daughter's home, called my middle sister and asked her to come out here with himto check on the cats. While here, they loaded most of his stuff in her truck & delivered it to the boyfriend's.

If you're dizzy from reading all this, imagine how we feel.

We've wisely chosen to remain neutral. In a matter of weeks they'll all realize what they've signed up for and their complaints will begin. In the meantime my father will relish all the attention and have lots of people to play against one another.

His niece and nephews downstate are amazed and shocked by all that has transpired. I've assured them that it's all "normal" in this family. The SIL and we feel fortunate that we'll be some distance away. She was going to remain here this winter but may return to Idaho. We'll be 527 miles south.

Frankly, when all is said and done, that's exactly what our "family" wants. Once again, what at first seems like upheaval and disappointment will be a blessing.

We've also received another past due tax notice on the land contract downstate. Tomorrow begins another round of phone calls, legal maneuvering and appointments. Perhaps by Tuesday we'll return to packing and loading a truck and enclosed trailer.

The adventure continues!


Mayberry said...

Oy, what a nightmare. I couldn't take it, my head would explode...

Selous Scout said...

Glad to hear you got there safe! It sounds as though just about all the bad stuff that could, did!

HermitJim said...

It always seems to be something when family is concerned, doesn't it?

I think you have the proper outlook and have made the right choice!

Continued good luck, my friend!

2 Tramps said...

So much going on for you... But you will be all settled in your new place by the time winter hits and will be able to rest and relax. The turmoil will all be but a distant memory soon.

Anonymous said...

You've made your decisions and you can only control what you do anyway...whatever anyone else does is on them. Good luck to you guys...tell Sweetie he can plant a row or two of trees in the front yard and it will seem like you are farther off the road. Dig them up out of the woods and they won't cost anything but sweat. If anyone wants to bring you a housewarming gift , put the word out you want trees planted.. :) B.

debbieo said...

My goodness you have been through the mill. What excitement...NOT.
We are finally setteled in our 5th wheel with a 30 ft. enclosed trailer for storage. Looks like we may be moving soon too.
I am so glad you have your preps to use. I use mine all the time too and just rotate everything out.