Thursday, October 14, 2010

In Limbo

We're in that familiar place - Limbo.

I, being the proactive, getter done kind of gal, have packed the motor home to the ceiling, keeping in mind even weight distribution. It is our personal U-Haul and I'm crossing my fingers that it survives the 500+ mile trip.

Sweetie, being the laid back, reflective guy that he is, watches the progress and asks, "Did you remember to...?" And, "What about....?"

So today is role reversal time.

I'll read and sip coffee and wonder when he's going to remove himself from his all mighty recliner.

Occasionally, I'll comment on the weather and ask if he'll need help with anything.

Meanwhile, my father's been told of "the move" as simply and delicately as possible. Too much said leads to confusion and endless questions. We've told him he's free to remain in the area or go with us. To our surprise, we said he'd go with us.

However, and it's a huge however, my brother's in town until Sunday. A last minute trip to get dental, vision, hearing and a physical before jetting off again delights my Dad who meets his only son for breakfast this morning. Sunday brother flies to Iraq for work as a "gun carrier" according to his long suffering wife.

His wife and I have communicated via email (still ignoring her husband's directive) and she passed the word to my brother that we're moving. Brother made a few wisecracks and quickly went next door to my next youngest sister's. We all await the result of that meeting. We expect a pronouncement from them as to what Dad is to do. Brother is his executor and has Power of Attorney but otherwise limited contact with our aging father. Sister has called Dad about five times in 10 months and visited here three times. She's always got a smile on her face while here but goes home, calls my brother and mentions the tiniest concerns. The last was that Dad's car should be parked so that he doesn't have to turn around to leave the drive. And maybe he should eat more fresh fruit instead of canned.

Brother was fired from his last assignment in Jordan but, after two rejections elsewhere, managed to secure a 2-3 month stint in Iraq. His previous three stints there were at higher pay and position but, like his wife says, the AAA is catching up with him - attitude, arrogance and alcohol.

Dad doesn't want to sever the relationship with his cat so either he moves into a an apartment that allows pets; with another relative (can't imagine who) or with us. Right now he feels he and his cat should remain with familiar people. Personally, I think a change of scenery and closer to amenities and his downstate relatives and friends might be the best medicine.

Alas, as I'm always saying, time will tell.

We also await the signed Purchase Agreement and deposit from the buyer here and have issues to address with the land contract people downstate.

For sure, life is not dull!


Anonymous said...

Glad you told your dad and that it seems to have gone smoothly with him. Now he has time to ponder.
Am sure the time seems to be dragging by on all the waiting situations...but some things you have no control over. Enjoy your time up there that is left and make lists to help with organizing your mind , then when you are ready to proceed all you have to do is look at the lists and it will all be clear and good to go. B. :)

Calandreya said...

I hope all goes smoothly for you.

Mayberry said...

Busy busy busy! I dread moving, but we will be soon...

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

I hope everything turns out perfect with your real estate deal and your move, Treesong. When it's right, everything tends to fall into place and this deal sure has been falling into place so far!

I hope you don't mind my saying that I'm glad your dad has opted to go with you. From what you're said, you are his best (most selfless) option among the family members and, deep down, I'm sure he knows that too. A new place, new adventures might be just what all of you need. We'll keep praying!