Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prayers Answered

The Plumber arrived today. Took time to figure best way to run lines, then made a list of all supplies needed. Says he'll return in the morning.

We have to remove the jetted tub through an opening in the hall wall & bring the walk in shower in the same way before closing up the bump out.

We had one more day to enjoy a hot shower so that was our dinner table conversation. Sweetie and I both looked at his son and said, "You can go first."

He says: "I don't have any clean clothes." Seems he's "simplified" his life to the point of owning four complete changes of clothes.

When I approach the boiling point my eyes have red circles around them and the tone of my voice changes. I speak very slowly and enunciate exactly.

"So take a shower and go nude."

Dad and Sweetie choked on their chicken and his son got incensed. Ten minutes later he returned with his toothbrush and a razor. This time the shower and towel were both wet a was his head. He has not made an appearance since.

Copper Harbor hosts the 7th Annual End 'O the Road Keweenaw Tour & Car Show. My youngest son has a car in the show and we've packed the motor home for a day long trip to the event. Dad has decided to stay here and watch the animals. We're towing the golf cart so we can ride around town and on a few trails.

It's high time we had some R&R.

Thanks all for your prayers. Supposedly next week I'll be able to post pictures. Have a great weekend, Treesong


vlad said...

I have 250 gal propane tank for cook
stove and tankless water heater. We
can have hot water as long as water
flows and we have propane. Waste not
want not. The driver says I use less
propane than anyone else on his route. (Pollyanna and others who know that nothing can ever go wrong have electric tankless water heaters.)

It takes little water to shower.
Turn on water.
Fill small bucket to rinse in
case water goes off.
Wet yourself.
Turn off water.
Shampoo head.
Soap body.
Turn water on.
Rinse clean.
Turn water off.

Anonymous said...

When our electricity was out we had no running water. (electric water pump)
Even with long hair, it only took 1 gallon of water to wash/rinse all of me. I used a gallon ice cream bucket and a cup to dip/pour over me.
The weather was good and I did it outside...(yes , we live without close neighbors). But, do it before dark...after dark you can't see your nose on your face. :)